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Being empathetic has some side effects as well. If you’re a genuine empath, others emotions can flip yours like switch. Have you ever had a day that was going great until it wasn’t because it was ruined by someone else’s bad day!? Imagine a day when you accomplished a lot of goodness, got positive feedback, focused on self care & feeling overall optimistic and confident. Then someone comes home, or you get a call or you meet up with a friend and their day isn’t going so well.

If you’re an empath, your own emotions immediately shift toward whatever they’re feeling, which can be disappointment, anger, worried or whatever. It’s like you lived through their day and not your own. This can make it difficult to hold space for that person as you attempt to cope with the same challenging emotions. People who can’t keep up with own emotional strides always bring negative impact to others. Learn to own yourself with time.

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Few lines i wanna talk about toxic people. There will always be toxic people but they don’t need to be in your life. Although it may be easy to become stuck in a pattern where you pour your emotional energy and attention into a person you despise. Letting go of this malicious attachment will reduce stress and increase happiness. Imagine if you transformed all the negative energy you give an enemy into positive energy that you give to yourself and your loved ones. Your life would become even more full of experiences and emotions surrounding the people who truly matter in your life.

Getting rid of toxic people will make more room for happiness.
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“Wer sein selbst Meister ist und sich beherrschen kann, dem ist die weite Welt und alles untertan.”
– Paul Fleming, German physician -1641

English translation: “He, who is master of himself and has command over his emotions, has at his feet the whole wide world and everything therein.”

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Stay away from those people who mess with these two words “Priority” & “Option”. Every sort of human interactions & equations require balance. If you are going through some odd situation related to these, stop dealing with it right away even though the EXPLANATION seems right from opposite side. Those who like you will never need an explanation, those who don’t like will never believe in one. Now the worst one; someone must have made you cry causing little emotional instability inside you, in this situation find emotional balance within yourself after cutting that person/situation off your life. A negative person gets energy when good people entertain their nonsense. For these type of morons “There is no tomorrow with a change & it’s your responsibility to never offer them a chance”. Few easy messy TRUTHS of life.

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