True me.. Tap-1250..

Someone graduated at 21, but waited 6 years to get a good job.
Someone had no eduaction, but was a millionaire at 21.

Someone got married at 20, but divorced 5 years later.
Someone got married at 30, but found everlasting love.


(This video got nothing to do with the post above. When I find something informative & entertaining, I have to share it here. I am a big movie buff, and there’s reason why movies are getting darker. Watch it for fun.)

Tap OUT..✌️

True me.. Tap-125..

Yes I tried skating for a while, that’s the time I developed my love for VANS sneakers & hoodies. Actually my reason for skating was girls, I was seriously planning to woo a girl in the mix.

Yeah yeah early days of Tap, it didn’t work. I was a perfect asshole in those days & I was hella afraid whether that girl might start thinking more than what I wanted. The funniest part; school changed suddenly & I can’t even remember her name.😂

Tap OUT.😘

True me.. Tap-66..

OK. Five things that even my closest friends still don’t know about me.

1. I am a primitive cooking expert.

2. Even looking at you from a 100 meter distance, I can understand what kind of a person you are & where you are heading with that attitude towards life. The more silent you are, the more information you are radiating. A person walking on center or extreme of a sidewalk also screams about his/her personality.

3. I only share that much information about myself which is pre-decided & true.

4. You can’t influence me anything. I respect all and follow my TRUTH.

5. I don’t have a pride or ego alive in me. But in case you wanna know me more, self-respect needs to be reciprocated equally.

Stay happy & happening..
Tap OUT..💪