The call of the wild trailer..🤗

Why these guys pick such emotional topics!!
I cried twice watching this trailer. When Harrison Ford says “You have been sleeping for two days. In my bed.” That dog “BUCK” definitely packs soul of my dead dog. Pets leave us with some amazing sweet painful memories. I hate it so much that I love it.

True me.. Tap-132..

Time will change & so do people. Only these 3 will remain TRUSTWORTHY in life;

  • Your Dog.
  • Your Money.
  • Your partner whose name starts with 27th alphabet.

Tap OUT..😜

Tap my thoughts.. 95

Yes MONEY can buy happiness. Think; you can buy a puppy/dog with money, but you must pamper/love him to make it happy and wiggle it’s tail. So, both MONEY & LOVE are equally important.