True me.. Tap-898..

Every difficult situation I’ve experienced has ultimately changed me for the better.
I’ve grown stronger as a human being and I have been able to advocate for others who are still struggling to be heard.
I can’t tell you what a privilege and honor it is for me to use my own pain to help people find strength and hopefully prevent unneeded suffering for many others.
These positive rays of light were only able to come through the darkness because I allowed them to,
because I was open to them,
and because I didn’t dwell on my past or my pain.
I simply honored it.

Find something positive about a struggle you’re facing and share it with someone who’s struggling.
They’ll know something better is coming to them too.
There is always an opportunity to turn a negative situation into a positive one as long as you are open to the possibility. (Not my words.)

Tap OUT..💪


Every time you are able to find some humor in a difficult situation, YOU WIN.

(This video got nothing to do with the post above. Fuel shortage is just the beginning of BREXIT repercussions. The way conservatives pulled out UK from both EU+Schengen agreement within such a short period of time while changing 3 prime ministers in a row, all such mismanagements were meant to happen. Even some French/German/Polish/Deutsch truck drivers faced racist slurs during last leg trips. Now because of Christmas coming & new supply chain contract agreements in EU, all those drivers are able to make better pay in their home country. South american drivers aren’t applying enough for new temporary offer. Army is on standby since 4 days i guess. Just to get some drivers & keep the supply chain system running, UK will again approach South Africa & India. 128,000 drivers shortage, this is what we get when people showcase emotional immaturity because of some politician’s verbal diarrhoea.)