True me.. Tap-108..

Only TRUTH will bring you a life without regrets. And when you lead a life without regrets, you too can dance like TAP to a BLACK EYED PEAS song in kitchen just wearing boxer shorts while making pancakes for Sunday cheat meal.😂

My only point is, you are the torch bearer of your destiny. Lighten it with Truth & Positivity.

Tap OUT..😘

How Tarot cards work!!

How Tarot cards work & are those reading 100% true?


Yes tarot cards work, if you are in a good vibration to accept changes related to positive things about life. Who can see the bigger picture, they can relate to it. Even if you don’t believe in them, today or tomorrow you are living the life which is pre-decided for you. It’s not about your believe, it’s about staying positive with life & working towards being true to yourself+others. Even if you don’t believe in it, universe is always working in your favour to give/bring you the best. If you are pursuing something which is unrequited, it will be stripped out from your life today or tomorrow.

Reading Tarot cards is all about reading the current energies surrounding you & your soul.

In case you want any basic psychic knowledge from me, I am going to tell you one thing which will help you change your perception about horoscope, astrology or tarot cards maybe; We are born during a time & in a place when certain planets were revolving at certain paths. Sun controls your soul & moon relates to your mind/thought process. They just show a picture where destiny can lead you. We all have multiple destinies in the name of selection or options, but the best ones are already predefined/decided. Doesn’t matter how harder you try to change things, you are gonna walk in the path that’s meant for you. You have to cross them happily or forcefully. Universe knows how to maintain it’s balance.

True me.. Tap-58..

Since the day you are born, you are already complete. You have all the tools within you to stay happy & cherish the life gifted by your almighty.

It’s the society which teaches us, you need a iPhone, you need a laptop, you need a University degree/diploma & at the end you also need the support of a person as your love to continue a life. Actually you need the positive energy from all to continue this journey, life is already balanced the best possible way. Follow your TRUTH & vibe positivity, you are going to enjoy every moment of what/whom you are pursuing.

Tap OUT..💪

Yeah. That’s my bestie..

Sharing this chat to thank DEMI for being there whenever I needed a shoulder for support. But read next lines, it’s about finding the right like minded people who vibe positivity. COMMUNICATION is the key to keep every relationship alive, doesn’t matter love/friendship/family.

Sometimes people get jealous or they feel intimidated looking at our friendship. The equation we have with each other is way beyond you can even imagine to get with your lover/life partner/husband/wife.

The key is, we have dropped our guards down & there is no ego in between us. We are wild & open enough to talk anything or everything we want. Doesn’t matter how you see it, it’s friendship which bloomed to a closeness equivalent to a family. The distance between us goes up or down, but the equation always remains the same. I am not ashamed to share that “Yes I am the one with little strength & Truth, I do get the chance for a power play & each time my friends show me the path to get grounded”. When I am talking about friendship here, it’s not just two people in the conversation. There is a group of 8, we never got separated from each other. We all know what’s stored for us in future, all are alligning for the better.

Life gives everyone chances to win. It’s your mind which is clinged to negativity & stopping you from shine. Stay positive & open to see the bright side of everything you have or you want. Life is easy as it sounds.