A seed grows with no sound.
But a tree falls with huge noise.
Destruction has noise, but creation is quiet.
This is the power of silence.

Grow silently.

True me.. Tap-1249..

I read something amazing today.
And I have to talk about it.
Here it goes;

Picasso created more than 50,000 works of art.
How many are considered masterpieces that we still admire today?

About a 100.
Less than 1% of his creations are still relevant.

Stop trying to be perfect.
It’s a numbers game.
Start creating.
Be courageous enough to share.

(This music video got nothing to do with the post above. Only bitches from my engineering school days can remind this one used to be a ting for most. Listen to it.)

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True me.. Tap-439..

Weak attitude always results weak character. To figure out what’s your attitude with life, keep yourself bound to two ways “EITHER LIVE LIKE A KING OR WHO THE FUCK IS A KING!!”. This attitude will take you to places. Never run behind reputation or popularity, they will fade. CHARACTER will remain with you till you die. That’s the reason you can’t copy character, you have to hammer & forge yourself into one.

My ancestors belong to the land of ASHOKA, Maurya dynasty. Such sayings still exist, it’s us humans who usually forget our values. At the end “YOUR CHARACTER CONTROLS YOUR MIND’S CREATION”. A strong CHARACTER with sorted ATTITUDE is the goal. That’s all.
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Dharma Rakshati Rakshitah..

Dharma Rakshati Rakshitah means; if you protect Dharma, then Dharma will protect you.

Dharma means Reet, or Cosmic principles or eternal principles which upholds life in this universe. These principles includes, Truth, Compassion and love towards all life, Which is Godly.
By love & Truth whole creation is bound together. Truth to speak whatever seen or understood as it is. Truth is God.

(This is a quote from Mahabharata, an Indian ancient holy scripture)