True me.. Tap-416..

Agree I always cherish money. My mates know “I get hella excited the day I make couple hundred or even few grands from daytrading”. Yes my happiness mostly revolves around couple of quids which may reflect a huge emotional unavailability inside me.

When some university bitches ask me “You Indian!! Really? You look more Italian than a pasta carbonara”, I still don’t know whether it’s a compliment or a racist remark!! JK😂such little cheekiness is worth a laugh anyday. I would love to mention “Somewhere in my head I am still a brown baddie connected to his roots who is not a fan of these concrete jungles”. Till the time I pump a baby inside my future boo, my emotions & attention will remain attached to my bank account. Hell yes I love babies & puppies because of their innocence and nonsense.

People who don’t know me usually misunderstand my hunger for money as my hunger for success. TRUE THAT, SUCCESS LOVES MONEY & MONEY LOVES SUCCESS. In my eyes SUCCESS means an early retirement where I can dedicate my 24/7 to my people, a big dream to achieve for this single stupid sassy stubborn TAP & it’s a damn fun ride to be honest. Money, business & stock market investments are the game of patient but aware men. Same I can say for compound interest, either you understand it or you are paying it.

Tap OUT..👍