True me.. Tap-265..

People go comfortable being stuck in today thinking “it will be all sorted tomorrow”. & That tomorrow never comes. Ask yourself; what are your actions to evolve? If you can’t answer, stop using FUTURE to escape your PRESENT.

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True me.. Tap-258..

Until & unless you are a real blunt Brit, you will never understand the anxiety & excitement attached to Gregg’s Vegan sausage roll. If you got hands on one, you really got supreme of all bakery goods you can score.

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True me.. Tap-257..

Your goals make you a unique YOU. Never stop asking yourself “what’s your identity?”.

Now; hey I am Tap. I work as a senior data analyst. I freelance & travel as well for the same purpose most of the time, given my client pays travel+stay bills. I am an ACE certified diet & fitness professional. I own a tiny health supplement business to feed my interest. Somehow I keep myself busy with what excites me, talking about work & life both.

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True me.. Tap-252..

On weekdays my diet/meal still remains the same. I know how guilty it feels when I consume anything with bread/rice or sugar in it. In case you heard about my 200 push-ups madness after extra calories consumption, yeah that’s totally true. For diet related suggestions; go to a dietitian, not a doctor. In case you have body goals or you wanna lose some unnecessary body fat/water weight, something amazing is coming from me before next month 3rd week. Stay healthy happy & truthful towards people you get along.

See the diet chart here. This is designed looking at my body goals, current weight & body fat percentage.