Facts about Human brain!!

1: If a guy is standing next to a girl legs apart & hands flimsy, then that guy has close to zero intentions in pursuing the girl for a long-term commitment. It’s just some physical attraction.

2: At/before the age of 16, 80% of all people have already met or at least crossed path eye-to-eye with the person they will marry.

3: The inability to fall asleep at night means, chances you are awake in someone’s dream/thoughts.

4: When you tell your entire plan and goals to someone, your motivation goes low & chances to success narrows down. Be little secretive.

5: If you will try to make everyone happy, you will end up being lonely. Learn to let go the takers.

6: There are some instances of life which makes you understand you are wrong, actually you are more horrible than that. Please don’t fool your own brain.

7: Human brain spends most of it’s time replaying memories which aren’t gonna last, till you assure yourself you are 100% true individual.

8: If you are missing someone and can’t express it to them, you will end up physically sick too soon.

9: It only takes one negative thought to spoil & self sabotage your entire week.

10: Intelligent people are more likely to remain faithful and loyal in a relationship.

11: When you do anything bad to someone, it takes around 14 years to forget and forgive yourself.

12: Your favourite song is your favourite, because you associate a person or place to it.

13: Creative people always suffer from anxiety.

14: When you start lying to cover a lie, your self-esteem starts degrading and you start doubting over your each/every action.

15: The best person in your life is the one who comes to your mind first as you read this. Now please don’t read it again or think again.