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It’s easy to judge.
It’s more difficult to understand.

Understanding requires compassion, patience, and a willingness to believe that good hearts sometimes choose poor methods.

Through judging, we separate.
Through understanding, we grow.

-Doe Zantamata.

(This video got nothing to do with the post above. Every single time someone tells me about crypto investment/trading, i know either it’s a dumbfuck or a scammer. There’s no other 3rd category for such fools. Every crypto investor talks about future of finance, web3, blockchain technology. The fun part is; 99.9% of these dumb donkeys don’t even know how to write 2 codes in C/C++. Now that’s the perfect recipe for a disaster. 97% NFT market down, 78% crypto currencies market down & i perfectly saw this coming.)

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Half of 2022 is almost over.
Let me suggest a happy beginning towards a better tomorrow to everyone who’s young or eager to grow.
Remain consistent & create some healthy habits;

1. Always learn new skills. Learning is the only thing that keeps brain active & body young.

2. Create multiple income sources with your new skill-sets.

3. Says no to materialism. Stay away from fast fashion & other such stupid trends associated to it.

4. Learn to save 30% of your income. With time make it above 50%.

5. Learn how MONEY & Investment works. Invest part of the saved money

6. Workout 5 times per week.

7. Read something everyday & learn to dive into new experiences.

8. Value sleep, diet & good health.

(This video got something to do with the post above in the current world of tiktik tits & weak men, barely few understand WHAT’S MONEY!! In fact, it’s not just money. It’s a morally flawed world. The best line Charlie Munger said was: These people need to stay dumb like this, that’s how we get rich. Bitcoin is stupid, because it’s very likely to go to zero. I know people who literally follow crypto & NFT pages in Instagram as if it’s American treasury’s updates they are subscribing. And trust me there’s no scarcity of such dumbfucks.)

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MONEY. Beggar, daily wage workers, salaried employees, businessman, stock market investors, everyone makes money & everyone wants money.

Beggar wants money right right now.
Daily wage workers want money at the end of their workday, let’s say daily payments.
Employees work because they want monthly salary.
Businessman invests money & waits for few months to recover his investment with some profit on top.
Share market investor invests & waits for years to see where his investment heading next.

Now, let’s talk about the fun part in it.
There are only two winners in this money game.
1. The businessman who’s is building wealth while working for himself.
2. The stock market investor is building generational wealth. Here i am referring those who invest in hedge funds & multi-bagger stocks.

In other two cases of employees & begger, the person who wants money earliest is the poorest one.
Actually in all 4 scenarios, the person who waits the longest for MONEY is also the RICHEST, he is the one who has the highest amount of PATIENCE.
Never run behind EASY/QUICK MONEY, the outcome will be devastating.
Urge towards EASY/QUICK MONEY is the reflection of cheap mindset, lack of knowledge & major character flaws in a person’s PERSONALITY.
Learn about how MONEY works in our current world & have PATIENCE in learning.
Same i can say for education, relationships & weightloss journey/fitness as well, your PATIENCE is the only determining factor.
God has a perfect timing for everything; never early, never late.
It takes a little patience and faith.
But it’s worth the wait, always.

(This video got something to do with the post above. If you have patience, watch it. And the title of this video is: WHY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ARE AGGRESSIVELY PATIENT!.)

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Be strong, be kind, be free.
Do things that make you proud of yourself.
Surround yourself with people who bring out your best qualities.
And distance yourself from the people who do the opposite.
Hangout with people who are ready to exchange knowledge with enough understanding about what they are saying & why.
For example;
Don’t just follow someone’s words because they said “Investing in stock market/real estate/crypto will make you money/rich”.
95% of these people don’t even know how to multiply 12*13 without a calculator.
Do you really think such dumbfucks can advice anyone on finance?
Forget finance, if someone is saying something without knowing enough about it, that person is a complete fake nut.
Stay away from such morons.
Fun story: Most people who invest in bitcoin think it’s more like a virtual currency, but hardly few know it was designed as a medium of transaction. It’s more like Western Union Money Transfer.

Be true, true to yourself and true to your morals.
Stand up for yourself.
Don’t let people take advantage of your kindness and soft heart.
Don’t take shit from anyone, and don’t put yourself down.
Believe in yourself and believe in your journey.
Be good to yourself.
Be unapologetically you.
Embrace your imperfections.
Accept the fact that when you grow, sometimes you lose people and that’s okay.
Celebrate your every success and learn from failure.
Learn to accept that, first you have to learn a lot about anything & everything before jumping in.
And most importantly, never ever let anything stand in the way of the person you are becoming.
BE A TRUE YOU. (Not my words).

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Ha Ha… Bitcoin.. Leh..

I said it. Still dufu invested in it. It’s going to slide even more.

Read the entire article here:

Bitcoin.. Here is my take!!

This one article is start & end to all your answers about investment in Bitcoin..

First line: if your influence can’t change it, that’s not an INVESTMENT.

This line completely sums up what’s Bitcoin.

Barry Silbert, CEO of Digital currency group has said this about Bitcoin; “this is a product with highest risk & highest return.”

If there is a business which fluctuates daily more or close to 30%, that’s an unsafe investment.

The most experienced invester of this planet (Warren Buffet, CEO Berkshire Hathaway) has said this in 2014; “It’s a mirage. The idea that, it has some huge intrinsic value is just a joke”. People aren’t buying into the value og substance, they are buying into the value of hype.

If you know have any idea about world of investment; Berkshire Hathaway is the biggest & seasoned investment company. Charlie Munger(Vice chairman) has said; “Avoid Bitcoin like the plague.” The more it will spread, it will end  taking that many people & their hopes with it.

Noone knows why & how Bitcoin grows. If you can’t influence, don’t invest there. It’s a blind game. You don’t know what’s next coming. Bitcoin is working on a mathematical software algorithm which is hardly known to few hundred people.

I still don’t know why investors going crazy over this. There is no reason behind it’s growth or slump. It definitely seems like a virtual scam. & It is actually. It’s not a horse meant for long race. Bitcoin started as a medium of exchange which became a purpose of investment today. But, it’s not an actual investment. It’s an virtual investment. That’s the reason why there is no calculation or predictibility behind it’s growth & slump. Again this factor makes it an blind investment. The worst thing which is hiding in it is; it lacks LONG TERM VALUE PREPOSITION.

Bitcoin is fast , unpredictable & volatile; so risky. Which makes it look like a gamble. The concept is new. Limited track record of growth or slump. Low credibility. & The biggest flaw, no tax benefits (before or after investment). The government is behind it since the beginning, & there is a reason to it. Someday your entire money invested can be coloured illegal & devasted. Because Bitcoin is getting used in Black market & money laundering. Hackers, Tax evadors & Terrorists are using it. All illegal activities are seeing new heights after rise of Bitcoin. You can’t just think about achieving a self goal by stabbing the government & it’s regulations. You will never get sovereign support in it. There is no government or federal backing with it. Making a cash out will be damn difficult if the prices plump. Investment in cash will be a idea of trash. No billionaires are formed from Bitcoin investment. Learn more & earn more.

I will suggest you to invest in Debt fund, equity, gold, share, property, FD, PPF. These are the actual investments. It’s little slow & lazy but effective. Concept is old. The track record is awesome. So higher credibility. You can get tax benefits before or after investment. & In returns too; it’s tax free. It’s regulated & monitored by government. This is beneficial for both actually. Your bank or your government is the third party between your investment & your returns. Which makes it lot safer. Your earnings & investments are backed by government+third party agencies. 

Now about my opinion!! Yes i am holding Bitcoin. How much.. ssshhh. Not gonna answer. In my initial days of engineering, I was working on a software testing project. A client from London was unable to pay my dues because he was broke when the project was about to finish. He paid me some money in Bitcoin. & I am talking about year 2011. I am that dumbdick who used it to buy an gumtree enlisted nvidia graphics card from an seller. I still hold a part of those Bitcoins i was paid. & I really don’t care about it’s price going up for down. Studies even suggest that, the price of Bitcoin may go as high as half a million dollars by 2022-2025. But, nothing is guaranteed. I’m 100% confident about blockchain technology & crypto currency. There are some other currencies which will rule, which are more regulated. It’s going to be the beginning of an era of uncertain innovations & findings in coming days. So stay updated, learn & unlearn as much as you need. Thank you for taking your time to reach the end of this article.