True me.. Tap-286..

Learn this lesson before you get your butt kicked by yourself: “LIVE, LOVE & FEEL all for yourself.” You are allowed to be selfish at certain points of life.

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True me.. Tap-281..

There are two secrets of a successful person nobody wants to talk about; TRUTHFUL MINDSET & LOYALTY.

SUCCESS is a recipe made with perfecting the hard work you put into the process disregarding all the failures you came across while being truthful & loyal to the people who work for you.

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True me.. Tap-279..

We are what we do repeatedly. Excellence, strength, success, expertise, brilliance, truth, lie, deceit, arrogance, ego; neither one is accidental nor an act. All are a HABIT, exactly how you carved yourself.

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True me.. Tap-278..

It’s good till you can INFLUENCE people. The moment you start imposing AUTHORITY, few have already marked you as a negative conundrum.

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True me.. Tap-277..

Unexpected texts/calls brighten up the mood instantly.

If this line is true, I get that unexpected attention whole day..

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True me.. Tap-276..

Life is a huge exciting thing, so is LOVE. We enter & entertain a relationship with motive to grow bigger better with someone amazing. Make sure that ride is fun-filled at every step. People without a happening life can’t make it to a long-term togetherness.

Now that I said all these things to put a strain on your brain, let me suggest one more thing “KEEP WALKING TOWARDS YOUR OWN STABILITY, LOVE FUCKS EVERYONE BEFORE YOU FUCK YOUR LOVE“.

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True me.. Tap-275..

If you think you are not good at making money, I assure you are not good at using/spending it either. Make a pipeline how you are gonna build a stable secure future for yourself looking at your financial resources. Your happiness & stability is your responsibility.

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