True me.. Tap-389..

We are living in a world where people are hated for being real & loved for being fake, let’s say it’s filled with NEEDY GREEDY morons. Such people can’t be loyal to anything except their needs. If you wanna evolve to become a better human, distance yourself from those who lack moral & character.

My takeaway is; I love the way I am. I will always remain to be a stronger stable me, your love to my heart & hate to my ass. Both appreciated.😘

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True me.. Tap-388..

One can’t be present while looking backward or for that matter forward as well. Sounds little tricky, but this is about PAST or FUTURE. Let’s look at it like this “As humans we often get caught up in thoughts about past achievements or failures. And sometimes, it’s living in our dreams of future that hinder us from seeing the potential of PRESENT”. We tend to forget that present counts more than past and future. The steps taken in present are more important than the memories of past or dreams of future. You need to learn how to deal with past & future while living in present.

Lessons from past & dreams of future must become the driving force of PRESENT.

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True me.. Tap-384..

People will only value your SUCCESS & always underestimate your STRUGGLE. Nobody is interested to invest time in your struggle, you have to walk alone & it’s just yours. Keep your STRUGGLE limited to yourself like an after-movie while marching towards SUCCESS, show that reel of when you achieve what you want & let people applaud it. That appreciation is your reward. SUCCESS & STRUGGLE walk hand in hand.

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True me.. Tap-383..

Being stylish has not much to do with your fashion game. Style is the reflection of your personality & attitude. Some people lack a positive attitude, the fuck style can solve their desperation to look modish.

A positive attitude is all about being better with time every single day without looking back. I am trying, it worked in converting a past negative stress into a strong postive mindset. You can fake words, not your ATTITUDE.

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Instant Gratification & HOW IT’S KILLING OUR SOCIETY!!

(If you don’t want to read something about my past personal experiences & jump to the heading of the post directly, skip first 3 paragraphs).

“Reject, V-step, Indian step, Reebok, Dougie, Robocop & C-walk”. Before these words start confusing you, let me clear they all are some forms of hip-hop dance moves. Coming to that reason why I mentioned something stupid like this in such a serious topic. To be a unique you, you either need to be better or different in a good way, this paragraph is about how different/impossible I am. I wasn’t a great student in my high-school/engineering college days because I was hella influenced by “how internet works” & step-up movies/hip-hop music. Again i was not a good student but a good scorer, still an amazing A+ (80%+) in entire student life. My interest for making own money got stronger which pushed focus towards freelancing projects related to some software development & little bit related to mechanical engineering tools like CAD/CAM, not gonna discuss all these failures/success related to my teen days. I value education & I am still pursuing my doctorate after master’s in business administration. I will remain a student forever. Writing this post about my teen & early twenty days while I am still in my twenties.

So why I mentioned those dance forms!! Like any young kid, even I wanted three things in common; “GOOD GRADES, GOOD CLOTHES/KICKS, GOOD LOOKS”. GOOD GRADES to make parents happy. GOOD CLOTHES/SNEAKERS to make friends jealous. GOOD LOOKS to woo/wow the hottest girl around. At the end, even when that was falling short my interests/hobbies/skills played a key role to move me towards what I desired. My interests in chess, robotics, dance, music, cooking, coding, piano, gym, boxing, trekking, skateboarding & surfing helped me get everything I wanted because of my PERSISTENCE. To attend an interschool essay/debate, compete at state-level chess, give speech in a seminar/conference, drive 200 kilometres for mountain climbing, walk 9 kilometres for finishing hiking/trekking, build robots to fight in engineering fests, woo that senior grade curly hair fit af light-skin girl with my b-boying dance moves before eating her entire summer vacation nights (during my A levels), all were a time consuming process and I was/am always persistent towards my desires. Everything I mentioned took tons of effort & dedication, that’s the only reason they all are still alive in me which reflects in my personality as well. Agree I am a generous happy happening horny little-arrogant self-invested athletic sober sweet pain in the ass, who is habituated to more than enough good/bad attention since a long long time because of everything I mentioned above about dance or anything else in my student life. I am so me because of all achievements/blunders I made during my teen days. (Another stupid info; It didn’t workout with the girl I mentioned, because she started smoking & doing drugs with her girl’s gang. I just hate smokers.)

Let’s talk a bit about how social media has bummed few of our social coping mechanism. In my engineering days when vine came, I loved few of those skits because they all were original/funny/witty. 6-10 seconds worth-it laughable moments in case you can figure out the humour meanwhile. Still I prefer Mr.bean anyday. But now when Tik-tok started getting popular after changing it’s name from “musically”, I hated the concept of every person lip syncing to the same song establishing that bullshit as a “TREND” for a week. When we talk 80’s or 90’s trend, we talk about a whole decade. The fuck is this current trend of Tik-tok which changes every week. Never downloaded that app in my phone, i saw some clips in YouTube because someone uploaded a collage of few clips. I hated it more than the word “Tik-tok”. Now instagram reels is doing exactly the same. And Instagram is a highlight reel of a person’s life since beginning. My point is; “if someone is happy to see your dance/face/ass for 15 seconds & gets entertainment from that, aren’t you literally selling yourself for a super cheap attention span!!” It’s not just you doing same enactment, there are literally a million others doing the same nonsense. There is nothing called creativity in it. That’s my perspective, anyone can argue & I will not connect to this idea of so-called entertainment in this perspective. That doesn’t mean all influencers should vanish from social media apps or you should stop posing infront of Eiffel tower touching it’s tip over air during your next trip to Paris. Do what you like and what you can allow yourself with a smile on your face, it’s WORTH IT.

Yeah, this post is about INSTANT GRATIFICATION. LET’S GO. Now a days the attention span of everything is decreasing with time. The coming generation is an example of “ready to eat” meal, including us 90’s kids. Whatever you want, you want it instantly. I mean there is no interest in investing yourself into anything, not a content, not a unique skillset, not an article, not reading a book, no interest in studies, not even in building a stable relationship. Everything must happen instantaneously. There is a big example how that reflects in society. You wanna watch a movie, you can watch it right now. You wanna watch a series, you can watch any episode from any season from any time. People skip seasons to binge next seasons. You don’t need to wait because you don’t want to wait for next episode to drop or go to a movie theatre for advance ticket booking. You wanna buy something, click amazon prime it’s arrived same day or next day. You don’t need to wait for anything. You don’t need to be persistent at all. Suppose you wanna go on a date, you don’t even need to be little aware of how to behave on your first date. You don’t need to work on “how to make the other person understand you value them”. You don’t even need to learn or practice that skill/manner to be a man/gentleman or a posh woman/girl (read it as you want). Swipe right, DONE. Zero social coping mechanism at play. Everything you want is instantaneous & it’s instantaneously available as well. Just gave you an Outlook of INSTANT GRATIFICATION.

Now what are those which is not available this easy? Answer: Work which satisfies your soul not just wallet & a strong stable relationship. Let’s say JOB SATISFACTION & TIME TESTED TRUTHFUL TOGETHERNESS, no app or no instantaneous approach will ever work here. These two are slow complex time consuming yet simple process, only if you acknowledge/endorse to be truthful & persistent. Few other things also take investment of time such as, MORAL, MONEY, SKILL, HOBBY, QUALIFICATION, SELF-RESPECT & CHARACTER.

In today’s world nobody is intrested to fetch/earn something amazing. Forget being smart or hard work, there is an existential crisis at play where all are actually dreaming for the minimum. Minimum wage, minimum amount of happiness, minimum timeframe to get fit/slim, minimum time to master a skill, minimum time/effort to get your life partner, most of which are nothing but a fake fuckery. My conclusion; Patience is missing. Desire to be skilled/informed is missing. Suicide/drug overdose deaths/alcohol/smoking/weed on rise. There is an entire generation of “OK” is booming where the idea/ideology of believing in self to become “EXTRAORDINARY/AMAZING” is missing. That’s my view on “INSTANT GRATIFICATION” & how it’s killing our society.

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Money always suits well & grows further with intelligent people because they know “First invest, then spend”. Rest people just abuse it.


True me.. Tap-382..

There are two sayings:

1. With MONEY, everybody is of the same religion.
2. When MONEY speaks, truth is silent.

I feel both these are true yet contradicting. The second one is a russian proverb. All I can say is; build a strong MORAL before MONEY, people will appreciate you TRUTHFULLY. And value those who value TIME, the ones who waste time can never afford to make MONEY.

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True me.. Tap-381..

Mama once said: “EGO is alive because there is denial of TRUTH. Be TRUTHFUL. Grow self-respect, not ego. You are made to RESPECT, ROAR, RUMBLE, RELAX, be REAL & RESPONSIBLE”.


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Most people chasing “Good looks” lack “Good thoughts”.

Yeah it’s my real birthday today, nothing special to be honest. I get more HAPPINESS when my bank balance gets fatter. Here’s my tiny wish for those who wished me; Wishing you a ton of strength, positivity, health, harmony & prosperity. With truth we vibe. Have a good one”.

True me.. Tap-380..

Till the time you have a strong control over your present, you can’t win FUTURE. Never fake shit to others about yourself while following this journey from present to future. Remember it’s better to be hated for what you are rather than to be loved for what you are not.

Being miserable, loving or happy, all starts from your habits. Habits are cultivated from your choices & the only thing you can make is a CHOICE. No matter situations are good or bad, always “THERE IS A CHOICE”.

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True me.. Tap-379..

Stay away from those people who mess with these two words “Priority” & “Option”. Every sort of human interactions & equations require balance. If you are going through some odd situation related to these, stop dealing with it right away even though the EXPLANATION seems right from opposite side. Those who like you will never need an explanation, those who don’t like will never believe in one. Now the worst one; someone must have made you cry causing little emotional instability inside you, in this situation find emotional balance within yourself after cutting that person/situation off your life. A negative person gets energy when good people entertain their nonsense. For these type of morons “There is no tomorrow with a change & it’s your responsibility to never offer them a chance”. Few easy messy TRUTHS of life.

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True me.. Tap-378..

There is a reason behind I love TRUTH & TRUTHFUL people: TRUTH has only one simple easy storyline which makes life sensible & easy to navigate. Meanwhile LIE has no base or logic creating multiple instances of deceptive sick pretentious bullshit which lacks substance. Now the funny part “A liar lies out of habit, not because of choice. It’s their comfort zone”.

Pick the simple one, both in storyline & people.

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True me.. Tap-377..

Demonstrating our selflessness shows true intentions. It’s impossible to have a belief that wouldn’t reflect in our actions. Truthfully our actions are proof what we really believe. If a life of meaningful impact is what you truly seek, then selflessness is a cardinal virtue you have to demonstrate constantly continuously.

You should learn to be accomodating, open & helpful to people even when you barely know them. When this becomes your life habit, it is proof that you have attained some form of growth because truly mature people lead selfless lives. They are always ready to give and help the improvement of others. Two key lessons towards a meaningful living: SELFLESSNESS & BEING SELF-INVESTED.

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True me.. Tap-376..

There is nothing bad in working towards monetising your skills/hobby. Learn how to make MONEY, it’s a bigger pleasure compared to staying in bed. Fire means nothing without it’s fury.

(While reading this, please be aware to stay away from every single person who teaches you “HOW TO MAKE MONEY”. Building a skill or gaining knowledge about something takes time, first do your best to understand what you wanna sell.)

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True me.. Tap-375..

The truth of this world is: few are struggling to survive, most are ok to exist & very few LIVE. If you really want to LIVE a happy life; tie yourself to a goal till you fetch it & don’t get worked up. People & things both are temporary, somehow they will leave or they have to leave.

Most people see life like a problem they want to solve instead of seeing it like a beautiful experience. Learn to lighten up, enjoy, laugh & smile more. We remember memories & moments instead of days when we are happy. Your happiness is your responsibility, so is your life.

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True me.. Tap-374..

Exactly like SUCCESS is a huge revenge, BAD ATTITUDE is the worst form of MENTAL DISABILITY. You must identify the problems which exist inside you but give all your energies towards solutions. Keep reminding yourself everyday to fetch something big to fulfill your purpose so there’s no space left for petty pursuits.

A POSITIVE ATTITUDE is not about wanting to win, it’s about refusing to fail.

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True me.. Tap-373..

If you are POOR & you are constantly hanging out with the POOR, you are never gonna find oppertunities in life.

Before your mind starts raging with the previous line, let me clear this “I am not just talking about MONEY or financial perspective”. You can replace that word “POOR” with dumb, fool, slow, stupid, uninspiring or any negative human tendancy you know; it will still mean the same. Here I mentioned POOR in the sense of nonsensical human behaviours, ignorant state of mind, lacuna & bad habits.

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True me.. Tap-372..

Stupid thoughts & actions never age well, we all have been through this. There is no need to have an instant real-time fully absorbed intellectual thought process, take time before saying/doing/acting/behaving anything wrong or insane. People jump in to say/do something with very little information, which backfires every single time. We should all be working everyday to learn & evolve.

Being MEANINGFUL takes time.

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