True me.. Tap-1148..

Life doesn’t always go in a straight line.
Things get messy and tangled.
And our paths twist and turn in many directions.
The right things happen at the wrong time and opportunities get passed by.
Some things happen that we just cannot understand in the moment no matter how badly we want an answer.
And some things that we wish would happen just never do.

Life can be a little messy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be wonderful.
Because even in the messiness, even in the mistakes and missed chances, even in the midst of not knowing what to do or where to turn, there are still so many beautiful moments.
There is still love and joy and light.
There is still laughter and kindness.
So maybe life is messy.
But maybe, it doesn’t need to be anything else.
Maybe it’s in all of the messiness that we can see all of the things that matter most of all.
(Not my words.)

Tap OUT..✌️

True me.. Tap-708..

It is okay to miss someone, miss someone who is not right for you, but at that moment gave you what you needed. Maybe it was the words that touched you where you thought nobody understood you. Maybe it was the touch that you cherished that way, the arm around you, the emptiness that was filled up. Someone you could talk to, someone who listened. Maybe that person didn’t understand you, maybe the void wasn’t filled in the right way, maybe the beautiful moments were not enough to make the dark sides forget. But at that moment, what you needed was what filled you void, right or wrong. You loved the person because of his or her beautiful sides, the beautiful memories that you have built. And it’s okay to acknowledge that it might have been nothing more than a consolation, a dream, a memory, a relationship that did not meet your expectations, a relationship in which you did not match, a good hope, with a painful outcome.

It is okay when your expectations, your dreams and your hope lead to disappointment, painful, difficult and sad, but okay. It is okay, because this means that you have tried it, that you have learned from it, that you make each other an experience richer.
You get up again, you take your experience with you, you look at yourself, and you focus, you focus on yourself, your next encounter, a new encounter and a promising future that lies ahead.
(Not my words).

Tap OUT..🤗