True me.. Tap-350..

Every authentic way of making MONEY is tough. There is no shortcuts & there will never be one. No stupid trading app, no bitcoin, not anything that’s rapid/instantaneous will build you a fortune. No internet guru will also help you on that. Free money isn’t laying anywhere. Irony of the situation is; I see people getting deviated without understanding “WHENEVER SOMEONE WANTS TO MAKE MONEY IN INTERNET, FIRST THAT PERSON STARTS TALKING ABOUT HOW TO MAKE MONEY”.

How/why people pick role models & go mad about it!! You mustn’t trust anyone beyond yourself, because you can’t become someone else rather than a better version of yourself. Use your brain little bit & stay away from such frauds/fraudsters. Their model of earning is; fool millions with a buck each to make a million. If you are reading till this second paragraph, i think you are a better person compared to that. SUCCESS comes with a price & you will reach there one day. It takes tons of strength, serious work & determination to be a part of your dream. Peace.

Tap OUT..👍🤗