True me.. Tap-314..

I see many of my friends working towards getting little attention in their social life & social media as well. Let’s name it EXPOSURE. I never shared what’s my take on this. “Every exposure is good exposure no matter it’s good or bad untill & unless it’s created by you”.

Now you must be asking: then why people fake shit?? Let me answer.

There are so many of us who are marching towards finding our happiness with little goodness in our heart & there is also a bunch of people who aren’t happy at all no matter what they try. It all boils down to this tiny flaw: “PEOPLE ARE OK TO LIE, BE NEGATIVE & HAVE A STUPID ATTITUDE TOWARDS LIFE INSTEAD OF BEING TRUE TO OTHERS ABOUT SELF. BECAUSE IT’S EASY TO BE UPSET THAN IT IS TO BE HAPPY.” Upset/unhappy is nothing but a lazy person unable to move it’s ass towards becoming little positive with own approach. Just a simple CHOICE.

Tap OUT..👍