True me.. Tap-326..

I truly appreciate it when someone appreciates me for what I am. It took me lots of time to figure out my spot of happiness and then walk a positive path towards getting all what I desire. We take time to see goodness which is present within ourself. I saw something good in me which actually started from a ready to eat supermarket discounted gourmet sandwich.

What happened was: “I wanted to have a specific pack of lamb meat pastrami sandwich while shopping groceries & I wasn’t able to buy that because it was a little overpriced gourmet brand. I already bought a salad that night for dinner. Being a student staying away from home under a tight budget, i didn’t have the luxury/option to buy dinner twice. During weekend I bought same sandwich packs (4 for the price of 1) under sale because the expiry date was just four days left. Next two days i had that sandwich and my trusty magical black coffee in breakfast, lunch & dinner. Friends asked me: how am I not bored of eating the same thing so many times? I will not lie, I was bored of it’s taste within the first day itself. I realised when you get something more than you desire, you don’t have desire left for it. But food is food, it’s necessity for few & few treat it like nothing. Next I discovered the best positive quality in me: I literally don’t remember last time I wasted food. And this previous bold line remains same today as well. Once food is served in my plate, it never reaches bin. I have struggled enough to afford what I have & I can never undervalue them”.

I have seen kids/elders/old people trying to survive somehow in community centres, orphanages & shelter homes. When I talk to them about “how’s their life”, their words come out as if a piece of bread on plate & roof over head is real luxury. Most of us humans lack empathy, sympathy & gratitude in our heart. All starts with a simple thought towards how we treat our food.

Tap OUT..🤗