True me.. Tap-272..

Don’t get stuck in big words like “ACHIVEMENT” or “SUCCESS”. PROGRESS is a PROCESS, It takes TIME. Meanwhile don’t waste your time fetching something small. GOD has given you a brain. You must use it to apply logic & efforts towards what you truly desire.

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True me.. Tap-271..

I don’t understand motivational quotes & videos. & Please don’t think “I am writing something here to motivate people”. I write whatever kicks my ass to get up & go. If that works for you, I am delighted. If it doesn’t, you know it’s an “IF”.

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True me.. Tap-268..

Dealing with a toddler is easy as butter. I don’t know why/how people get pissed with this, some even go nuts with their own kids.

Consider your tiny baby as your drunk best friend”. You know that piece of shit will be back to it’s own ways, no matter how much you try to make them understand what to do & what not to do. At the end somehow you will still adore them like life.

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There is a strict guidance by your government/healthcare services to stay home stay safe & stay away from people as much as possible to contain the contamination of Corona virus. Then we see people overcrowding religious places & religious gatherings in such time with a thought that “their God will save them”, let me make this clear “God has no desire to save stupid unruly people”. He got better things to do. & This virus isn’t gonna stop with warm climate. It’s spreading in warm Asian/African countries as well. Please stay home & stay away from people.

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