Is it so?


I don’t know who/when/why said this. Sounds fancy. & If that’s true, i will be going against it for life.

The cheesey me..

DJ: ae line tohde hariyaan akhaan naal..

& why i didn’t mark this before!! Go to 2.07.

(Ki akh teri sexo, jiddan spain ae!! Mitran ton paundi, phirdi tu game ae)

& I will not go to that dunkin donut again. Yeah, i needed the help of Google maps with assistant to find my way out of your eyes. (11 months my angel)

Tap is surrounded by assholes..

Bro. I asked one for use & review. Now i have to start selling it. 😂

Anyone in Bangalore-Jakarta-Cardiff can ping me for some free supplements. (If you have genuine love for a fit lifestyle)

Sneaker Talk: My Journey!!

Till my engineering days were on; the best sneakers i was able to afford was a Puma California & Adidas Superstars. & Yes, i used to cry infront of my mama for one pair of sneakers a year in my school days.

During my recent past & MBA days: my choices skyrocketed to Air Jordans Grape, Air Force 1, Nike Kyrie 2 Gold medal, Nike SB Dunk California High, Air Jordan Lance Mountain, Vans SK8.

Now i am badly stuck at all Adidas originals Campus, Ultraboost, ZX FLUX PK, Gazelle, Yeah Yeezy, Vans Prelows Denim/Suede too. A nice pair of shoe always adds so much personality.  It barks “YOU ARE TODAY”. An outfit goes 90% complete when you hit that right shoe game.

Why is this stupid post! Past year 2017 has given me so much more than i deserve. I see myself in a alltime learning & leaning curve. I will be the same for life. That’s how i am. That’s what i am. I am so limited to my small limits. Friends with whom i lost my touch in university or made few during my travel trips are hitting me up with some warm texts & gifts. Life seems fresh just like a start.

In coming days you will see here so much more about my passion+love for travel & sneakers.

Now. Let’s open up this sneaker game. I want to buy a Nike Air Yeezy 2. If anyone can suggest, a help is always welcome.

Hey Russie Mofo. Stop Now..

This plastered tosser is gifting me something every month since my birthday. & I don’t want our friendship gutted. Be my chuffed buddy. I don’t want gifts to keep a count on what we share.

Someone please shoot me!!

Hillary Clinton: 6th most beautiful in the world.

Time to leave this planet.

Read the entire article here:

Christmas.. Here i am!!

Everyone is asking me “How i am gonna celebrate my Christmas”?

I am not going home. There was a time, my Christmas was all about a dog & 5 friends whom i am carrying like a gunny sack since ages. Now those assholes got married & ditched Tap. & I am literally busy with a small business that i am associated since past few months. I got some gifts, made some new friends in my journey. I am happy. There is a reason to my happiness & i will be holding her hands once again in this new year definitely.

A warm hearted wish from Tap to whoever reading this post for this Christmas & coming year. May the faith & believe in yourself make you see wonders in coming days for your prosperity & happiness.

True me.. Tap-07..

Trust me, I am not that formal person you have noticed. Yes, I have two suits in my closet. I am styled as my body type.

So, what’s my take!!

An Italian single Breasted navy blue suit with a regimental stripe & a tapered trouser just touching the shoe neck. Yeah, tactical lining. & Done, you can’t go more fawesome gentle.

How much i travel!! A small glimpse of me!!

Every month i receive a mail called “GOOGLE MAPS TIMELINE”. That gives me a small relaxation & a 4-Second smile. From an hopeless broken Tap to an employee, then a tiny health supplement business person; When i look at my past I am still the worst example of anything bad you can imagine. When someone tries to scold or blame me; i just laugh at it, thinking that person just doesn’t know i am/was a way bigger asshole than he/she just said.

But, Life is always good. Trust me, the best day you can work to get & enjoy the max of you is today. & It will guarantee a tomorrow that’s simply gorgeous than you ever thought. Now i have some strong-sober friends who force & inspire me every single day to keep moving up. There is that one awesome person who isn’t able to wake me up with a “Good morning kiss” because i still don’t know how to go asleep. Things are changing in my life after a long period. I am on the go. I never ever thought this average scorer of senior high school & engineering school will make it to join a PhD program.

So, what’s more on the table. More & more travel. Finishing my PhD in next 3 years. Changing to a new country & new city again. Before leaving this city, i will be going to few orphanages in Bangalore & Mumbai to distribute some groceries+stationeries as my first efforts towards giving it back to society.

This blog will go through a make over. YES, i am a materialistic person. The domain is going to change, you will see some personalized marketing or advertising stuff somewhere. Pardon if it doesn’t connect you. Hope & wish everyone reach their spot of happiness soon.

I need help..

Anyone who knows a laser tattoo removal clinic in Bangalore-Cardiff-KL location. Please ping me.

Found some but they are using stupid creams which will take ages. I have to get rid of it in 4 days.

You can just reply this post. Help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

WTF.. Sex toy reviewer!! Really!!

Trust me the job market is going through a great make-over now a days!!

It’s a bit late. But, SAMI: this one is just for you bro.

Read the entire one here:

Wow.. Pre wedding Blowjob!!

I knew this one is coming, there is nothing better than a blowjob to start anything new. So, why not your wedding photography!!

Read entire article here:

The Photographer me..

I travel a lot, & i don’t claim to be a traveller.

But, there is a 5% skilled photographer stuck inside me; who always fucks the smartphone camera in different angles.

Optimum Nutrition Opti-MEN!!

The best multi vitamin for men!!

&GST is a boon in disguise for all fitness enthusiasts + small business owners like me.

(Thanks in advance for appreciating the photographer in me)

Yeah.. CONDOMS.. Awesome INDIA!! Way to GO!!

Trust me, my contribution is zero. 😉😉

Read the entire article here:

One lakh MARS BOUND. And you thought, INDIANS are poor!!

Yeah. This is true..

Assholic/Arrogant Pricing Again.. Kudos to Apple..

I am not saying, Apple will lose the game!! It’s losing already.

With iPhone 8 battery popping issue, Apple just scored Samsung Note 7’s taste this year. But, iPhone lovers hold your breath. Next year this same phone will be sold for 45% less price. The premium hefty money you are paying for is Apple’s R&D cost. Now, decide before you spend that 1000 Dollars or 100000 Rupees.

True me.. Tap-05..

I know my life & what my life can give me!! Few people who suggest/comment/poke/tease/abuse my decisions/opinions or abuse me, can please get the F out from that sweet spot. No more free fucks.

Say NO to SUGAR.. WHY!!

Eating too much sugar can certainly lead towards weight gain, sharp mood swings. Yes, it’s an addiction & more dangerous then fat.

Let’s measure all the down sides of sugar or benefits of quitting sugar.

  1. You will overcome a serious addiction if you quit sugar. Sounds funny but studies show sugar is more addictive then cocaine.
  2. Your breath will get better from the first week of stop taking sugar. Sugar just doesn’t cause gum or cavities. It is an awesome source of food for bacterias of mouth. In such conditions they reproduce more quickly resulting in a terrible breath. (Want to be more successful with the opposite sex, you better stop any form of sugar immediately)
  3. Sugar even linked to the development of numerous lunch conditions. So lowering sugar intake results in weakening asthma symptoms.
  4. Increase brain power. It dulls the brain activity up to 36%. (So if exams are around better you stay away from chocolates).
  5. You will be less likely to have Alzheimer’s disease. There is a chemical called BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic factor), it helps the brain to form connections & makes new memories. Drop in this factor is linked to consumption of high sugar.
  6. You skin will look younger. Giving up sugar is inflammatory. Inflammation is a known cause of acne.
  7. A good heart health. People who eat too much sugar have a much higher risk of heart attack. Sweet soda & arrayed drinks are a trigger of coronary heart disease. Less sugar means less insulin, drop in the level of average heart rate. Your blood pressure will also decrease. Your heart & blood vessels will have less work to do. So, stroke or artery diseases will be less likely.
  8. Less bad cholesterol. High sugar increases level of bad cholesterol and blood fats, that can clog your blood vessels leading to severe heart conditions. Which can be a huge threat to life.
  9. Much better mood. Being irritable after you say No to sugar is normal. Because temptation is everywhere. Saying no to all forms of sugary super delicious things is a bit tricky. But when you are done, when diet will change, you will feel much better. Studies show people who eat less sugar or no sugar are rarely diagnosed with depression. The world around you will change, when you will change your diet habits.
  10. You will get a good sleep. High sugar intake interface with your normal energy levels. It’s OK to feel sleepy or sluggish after giving up sugar. But when your body adopts to it, your body will be super active throughout the day. & You will be ready to sleep when the bedtime comes. Your day/night cycle will be more naturally balanced.
  11. You will be less likely to have diabetics. Eating too much glucose develops high insulin resistance. It means high sugar can get in & get stuck in the blood stream. Which will lead to prediabetic & then to real disease.
  12. Low risk of having any kind of cancer. Cancer is not just but an unwanted cellular growth in a bad bad way, sugar is an easy energy source for them. Pancreatic cancer is often linked to high sugar intake.
  13. Sharper eye sight. Fluctuation in insulin & glucose levels lead to vessel damage & decrease blood supply to your eyes. As a result the eye sharpens drops. In such conditions myopia or cataract may develop.
  14. You will lose weight fast. When you eat a lot of sugar especially fructose, you are very likely to overeat. The pancreas is forced to produce more insulin & other hormones that regulate metabolism digestion and weight are neglected. The body sends to wrong signals of snacking or hunger when you will end up consuming more sugar fooling yourself.
  15. Less visits to doctor. Your immune system is seriously affected by consumption of large amounts of sugar. You are protected from bacteria & viruses by white blood cells. Their efficiency drops drastically when you eat glucose, fructose or honey. Sugar also causes development of cavities & gum disease. So less visits to doctor & dentist.

You will save an crazy amount of money. Eating sugar, then doctor-dentist-dermatologist, because of health-teeth-acne or skin related problems, let’s cut that somewhere. Use the saved money on travelling, buying new clothes (yeah you need a lot of them after losing those extra pounds), or develop a hobby that was unaffordable before. Share it between your friends & family for a happy-happening life.

Career-Love-Fitness.. Where/What/When/How!!

One of the biggest challenge that youngsters face is impatience. After being at a Job for few months, if it’s not their ‘DREAM JOB’, they bump into new one. But the problem is you won’t know that in a few months especially when you’re entry level. So if you are going to just take a Job at least use it as an education.

If it’s not the Job you love, then learn. Learn from the bad leadership & decisions you are experiencing. Learn from the things that you like & you don’t like.

Not to mention the fact that finding a great Job is not like a scavenger hunt. You don’t look under a rock/mountain a be like, ” yeepee I found it, Here’s a Job I adore”.

A great career/dream Job/a fulfilling career is like a great relationship. You don’t find love either like a SURPRISE. You can’t just say yourself someday “Oh, I found the person I love”. That’s not how it works!!

You find somebody who really loves you for you, respects your thoughts/opinions/decisions. & You work hard every single day to stay in love. It’s not something you can take for granted. After you fall in love, you have to keep on working at it.

It’s like going to gym/do some workouts, you have to work really hard every single day to get into shape. But, once you are in shape, you actually have to keep going on. You can’t stop.

You want a great relationship, you have to work hard to form that great relationship & then you have to work at it when you are in it.

Careers are the same. You have to work hard to find what you like & when you get it. The feeling of “Oh my gosh, I really love it here” must be there. Then the work continues to stay in love. It’s not something you just find, not some miracle. And If you think it’s that way, then you are going to keep going from Job, to Job, to Job, to Job & unfortunately you will never find what you are looking for.

A Week+ old..

I know how Good/Bad I look. Actually I am the best average looker. Yes, I scored it.

Now a days I have a reason to stay HAPPY. That reason is 7534KM apart, & I am reaching there soon.

Yotaphone 3: The smartphone i am waiting for!!

The last time I used the first gen Yotaphone in 2015. Which was sold exclusively via Flipkart in India, I can still remember how hectic it was to get a hands on!! Thanks to my bro (Rishi) who helped me out. That time I just bought this phone looking at it’s dual display.

This time when I got this news in my Google Feeds, it really makes me feel happy to see this brand carry forward it’s line up with Yotaphone 3. I am not a Apple/Samsung fan. I really hate it when brands just sell that logo instead of something new to a customer. In this current market of smartphones, it looks like every gadget is a piece brick. For a person like me, this is big. Innovations like this must come forward despite of success or failure. This is my most awaited smartphone.

Tap this link for more:

Why i hate marriages!!

Before few decades, after a marriage the girl used to go to boy’s home & that girl’s family was not able to contact her for months; Because of no telephone or smartphones.

Today my neighbor guy is getting married to his neighbour girl. & That girl’s mum-dad were crying when she left home to reach that neighbor boy’s home.

& People were laughing at looking those fakeass tears. Idk when I will get married, but I will not be able to tolerate this bullshit anyday.

If you really miss your son/daughter/parents; simply book a flight, move your butt, reach them.

Or yes, WhatsApp video call, Skype is there. Don’t make a mockery of yourself.

Now a days, whether it’s a boy or girl; they have to switch to other city or country for studies/Job. & Trust me; both parents & kids are already habituated to stay away from each other. Just to capture that stupid dubious crying moment in camera; please don’t make a dick out of yourself. Not needed. Not worth it.

True me.. Tap-02..

Yes. I have 2 bachelors & 2 masters..

Earned 1-1 from each & bought rest 1-1. Whoever spreading this, can lick my knob tomorrow 5pm (I am free for 35 minutes)..

How to get rid of mid 20 Crisis!!

I am making a post about it because I am there & I experienced the same as you (if you are in that 24-26 age group).

This post will help you for a clean, happening, less stressed, fun-filled & calm life which you are going to experience in a long run. Just measure these steps in your day-to-day routine. Maybe change some habits you are stuck at somewhere within what I am going to say!

  • Say NO to a fancy Credit card: Don’t jump over with some thoughts over it. I am just saying to avoid that lux of higher credit score & higher expenses. It never works the way you think. So, never flaunt a credit card.
  • Don’t advertise to be fashion frenzy. Like that you will create a perception about you inside you, which is not you. Stay as subtle & simple you are. In fashion world the less is always classy, remember this.
  • Got salary, Fuck; let’s party. Nope, STOP there. If you have a thought like this, trust me you & your future is literally fucked.
  • No EMI for some stupid Tech: The latest iPhone & some new gadget will pull you close. But, remember everything has a life. Now a days a smartphone, new smartwatch or something which is so new has just a life of 4 months. Track market, wait a while. You can pick it without worrying for almost 40-50% less price in 4-5months. So, just save how much you can & pick it accordingly. Don’t go for a credit card EMI. I am sad that, I can’t say the same for buying a house, for that you have to get in touch with someone who has a bit more knowledge & wealth then I got.

After all what are those things you have to adapt & say YES.

  • Health insurance (the one your employer is providing is pretty basic, buy another one with some good options).
  • Stock market Investment (Follow my blog, I bark about it often).
  • Long term equity holding (Google for more & Gain a bit more knowledge about share/stock market).
  • Retirement plans: Yes, In terms of 2017 standards of diet & lifestyle, I can say you won’t be able to work after 45. Your body will give up because of that 6-7-8 hour workload infront of a monitor & sitting on a chair. So, take an retirement plan of 20 easy years.
  • Mutual funds (You have got a brain, pick the best by consulting the right person).
  • Passive income (Do a bit research).

    After saying it all why I am not talking here about workout, alcohol, party, making friends & having sex; because that will open another new field of some generously long post (I am not capable of that). But, I will convey that with fractions.

    Heart wrenching post!! 😈

    Never undervalue your life. People have spent & lost so much to make your life this beautiful.

    Example: Your parents might have lost their virginity to each other or spent some good time to bring you alive.


    Everytime somebody talks about my EGO, I laugh at that person for a while before walking away. I am connected to some amazing set of friends since past 14-15 years to be precise & never switched anyone of them. We all are amazingly simple & beautiful on our own. I am the most emotionally detached in our group & my mates never make me feel less because of that. I am driven by logic out of choice & this will never change. We don’t have time to entertain EGO, it’s as simple as “be right or stay shut”. Nobody is perfect and we make sure to make sense in arguments in case any misunderstandings pop up. Life is fun because we are open, available, consistent & TRUTHFUL. That’s where we understand each other’s boundaries and make sure we offend less & laugh more while preserving everyone’s SELF-RESPECT.

    One tiny thing to take notice, the only person who can hurt me is my mum. And because I ran away from my home in my teen days, even she is afraid to say something that I might not prefer to listen. She might have noticed my EGO because of my wrong actions. You can say, I am simply complicated. Whatever right or wrong I have ever done, I am always grateful to my parents till I breathe. I am not sharing the same house with them, but I am proud to say I am proud child of a intellectual loving couple. That’s all.