Apple already blew it…

Recent news suggests, Apple’s sales & revenue aren’t the same. & They will not remain the same. Apple can say anything as a counter, the truth is out. Apple isn’t actually declining right now, it’s just not growing anymore. Which is an pretty alarming situation for a consumer electronics company. They can blame China or any other such emerging markets. As a brand they are allowed to.

Furthermore let’s dig in..

Whenever i hear or see such pleas in their press releases by any brand. It just screams a cover up. Let em count one by one right now. It took only 4 years for Samsung to be the biggest smartphone brand to less than 1% market share in China. Apple now blaming trade war between China-USA & lower iPhones sale in China for it’s poor stock price. They even went further projecting a lesser revenue growth for first quarter of 2019. CEO Tim Cook wrote a nice letter to all investors. This is just a start of a burn. Being such a big cash-cow, they have enough resources to burn.

When you are a consumer electronics brand, you can’t slap your premium over the consumer always. Apple’s 67% revenue is generated from IPhone sales. I don’t know how they will do it. In case Apple really wants to survive as a brand of this century, they need to come up with the SE line up as they left. They badly need that one sub 4-500 dollar product in their catalogue once again. That’s the only thing, which will allow them to hover again towards that new growth chart in terms of acquiring new customers to the Apple-ecosystem.

Problems are many. Strategies need to be figured out as the time remains key.

What’s actually affecting Apple is something called innovation!! Actually lack of innovation. There is no such notable difference between it’s previous generation iPhones to current ones since iPhone 5S. If you are using iOS 12 in a iPhone SE or iPhone XS, there is hardly much to discuss about the user experience between both. I may rather suggest touch ID over face ID, because that works bang on each time. They launched iOS 13 just before a day & now there is a list of unsupported Apple products including the same amount of unhappy customers with outdated devices in their hand who will not receive the latest software update. They have to deal with tons of electronic waste under their recycling program. I just hope all works for the better.

I don’t have any love or hate towards APPLE as a brand, I am just saying everything from a investor’s point of view.

Ha Ha… Bitcoin.. Leh..

I said it. Still dufu invested in it. It’s going to slide even more.

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1. I am not that rich.

2. I am really stuck in between my small business & my health.

3. Some dumbfucks always ruin my morning.

4. I hate those people from bottom of my heart, who use such mediocre short forms to express anything.

OK!! Sneakerheads..Yeezy here..

I will not say whether it’s worth it or not!! This is the only place to get a genuine Yeezy..

If you are a sneaker head, it’s there everywhere Today.

Bangalore: The city which never disappoints!!

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By the way, my reasons to love bangalore is something else.

Ssssshhhhh, my reason: Amazon Now.

Investment Tip 01..

People often ask me “Why Gold/Silver”?

(Not about physical gold/silver bar or jewellery).

It’s about commodity. Which includes Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Copper, some metals & pulses too.

So, Let me answer this now. Whenever people lose confidence on the government or their leadership (aa ha, USA), the trend shows a huge decline in a paper money/currency because of trust deficit. In this scenario the commodity investments show a huge jump. & In business there is only one rule; higher demand means higher price rise.

I am not some economic development/growth analyst. I invest my small portion of savings in stock market or long term share holdings. I put my opinion as I measure current scenario.

Career-Love-Fitness.. Where/What/When/How!!

One of the biggest challenge that youngsters face is impatience. After being at a Job for few months, if it’s not their ‘DREAM JOB’, they bump into new one. But the problem is you won’t know that in a few months especially when you’re entry level. So if you are going to just take a Job at least use it as an education.

If it’s not the Job you love, then learn. Learn from the bad leadership & decisions you are experiencing. Learn from the things that you like & you don’t like.

Not to mention the fact that finding a great Job is not like a scavenger hunt. You don’t look under a rock/mountain a be like, ” yeepee I found it, Here’s a Job I adore”.

A great career/dream Job/a fulfilling career is like a great relationship. You don’t find love either like a SURPRISE. You can’t just say yourself someday “Oh, I found the person I love”. That’s not how it works!!

You find somebody who really loves you for you, respects your thoughts/opinions/decisions. & You work hard every single day to stay in love. It’s not something you can take for granted. After you fall in love, you have to keep on working at it.

It’s like going to gym/do some workouts, you have to work really hard every single day to get into shape. But, once you are in shape, you actually have to keep going on. You can’t stop.

You want a great relationship, you have to work hard to form that great relationship & then you have to work at it when you are in it.

Careers are the same. You have to work hard to find what you like & when you get it. The feeling of “Oh my gosh, I really love it here” must be there. Then the work continues to stay in love. It’s not something you just find, not some miracle. And If you think it’s that way, then you are going to keep going from Job, to Job, to Job, to Job & unfortunately you will never find what you are looking for.

Stock market update 2017(NSE/BSE & Commodity-NASDAQ)..

Stay tuned for my recommendations for upcoming year’s share market investment advisory. I will update within next few days.

Yes, It’s going to be free & useful. Never commit that mistake by picking stocks at your broker’s opinion. There is lot to be unearthed about IT/Infra/Chemical/Pharmacy/Retail/Automobile & Power tax revival proposals. For multibagger recommendations simply go with my upcoming post as mentioned.

My opinion is pretty clear, GST is going to be implemented from April-2017. It’s cent percent confirm that NIFTY will cross 10000. GST may push NIFTY to 12-13000, if it’s implemented & supported/guarded in right direction.

For Intraday/Future option & Commodity trading: mail me your queries or simply fill the form to expect a reply within 24hrs..


My Recommendations for multibagger stocks: July 2016.

1. GM Breweries.

2. Can Fin Homes Ltd.

3. JVL Agro Industries.

4. NeoCorp International.

5. Genus Power Infrastructure.

Stock Recommendations for Tomorrow: 20:07:16

IntraDay Trading:

Nifty 8500 call option:

Rate: 90, Target: 120, Stoploss: 80.

Biocon 710 call option:

Rate: 16, Target: 22, Stop loss: 13.

Silver: Buy Call: Rate: 46730, Target: +350 to 400. Stop Loss: 46700.

Intraday Tips

After 6months I recommended few stocks which Rocked Today.

Reliance Industries 1000 Call Option.

Buy: Rate: 14, Target: 19. Stop loss: 10.5.

Cox & Kings.

Sell: Rate: 206, Target: 199. Stop loss: 209.

Ceat Limited.

Sell: Rate: 893, Target: 873. Stop loss: 897.