Tappie Monster is alive..😉

Pic is old but this stubborn baddie is still equally passionate towards being fit, happy & healthy. I never post anything without enough juice in it.

Click on the pic to know how this post’s title TAPPIE MONSTER is coming alive before winter. More here. There is a lockdown, have fun with family & cherish your friends from a distance. Muaaaaaahh..😘


Told my bitch “No workout, but i had 4 protein bars. They are delicious”. Response I got was “Save one for me”. & I still got few left for you. When I came from India, I packed some 83 myprotein & muscleblaze protein bars in my luggage.

(This pic was taken months+ back ðŸĪĢ. Just exchanging some attention under quarantine while enjoying/negotiating my singlehood status.)

I vibe LIFE!!😜

Ssshhhhhhhh. I am loving every bit of me. It’s all about the old, new, comfortable, confident, little wealthier, confidential, truthful, fit, horny, assholic, determined me & hell yes I am feeling every single day a productive day of my life.

Body goals do make a sense.

God gave me a face, I gave myself this body.💊

Warriors never RETIRE..

Bad guy. No, I am & I will always be the dominant BAD BOY of the block. Life has thrown me all sorts of challenges, that expression on my face talks rest. From illegal street fights & racings to owning few tiny businesses to feed my needs, all happened in just few years. I have crossed all paths. Doesn’t matter you hate or admire me, I do me. I will walk my path to happiness & stability with Truth.

Zero fucks on sale.💊

Imbalanced biscuits!!

Yeah pizza & cheesecakes are eating my abs. Right now is the right time to balance it.

Friends always ask me about diet. I have 4 equally proportionate same meals in my breakfast/lunch/snacks/dinner. Here how each meal looks:

  1. 6 minute boil- 4 egg whites & one egg yolk.
  2. 175 grams of roasted chicken breasts.
  3. Semi boiled (baby carrots, broccoli) & raw (cucumber, spinach leaves) topped with crushed black pepper, Himalayan pink salt & few drops of apple cider vinegar. (That’s my 350 grams salad apparently.)
  4. A banana, some kiwi or strawberry to kill my urge for sweet at the end. Yes that’s all where I score carbohydrates.

University life helps me stay active & always on the go. No supplements at this stage. I don’t think I even need it. I carry some protein bars when I am travelling. Loving life for what it is, a TRUE TOUGH me is the end goal.

Tap OUT..💊

Grumpy Asshole..ðŸĪŠ

My expression to bestie while getting pampered “bitch you so jelo”. (Need to work a lot on my triceps, time to get rid of wine-dine trips.)

Demi, you are the biggest support in my pursuit of happiness. No Thanks for being my best friend. I cherish you. Uploading this pic while my bestie bitch was eating my brain during facetime. Whatever written here are pure nonsense & have nothing to do with the pic above.😜

Vascular: Not Yet!!😜

Try not to see this post. Pardon Tap for this sweaty mess on internet. Please search “Snowball Panda Rap” in YouTube after seeing this post. Trust me, I am giving you the detox free.😂😘

Creatine monohydrate!! Why??

Advantages of creatine monohydrate:

  • Helps and supports muscle growth while producing more energy from them.
  • A must for high intensity training with cardio, weight training or body weight exercises.
  • May help in fighting Parkinson’s disease & neurological disorders.
  • A good supplement to decrease the chances of diabetics & blood sugar rise.
  • Helps brain function & skin health by reducing fatigue and tiredness.

Precautions: Even though it’s a safe & cheap supplement, your kidneys work on filtering everything. Particulate things cause some stress on that organ.
Cure: DRINK ENOUGH WATER (3 litres at least). No matter whether you workout or follow a diet with right supplements.

Giving away few boxes of my muscleblaze & optimum nutrition creatine monohydrate (India & Malaysia only). Just reply to this post with your email ID, if you are up for a healthy lifestyle. Your replies may not be approved, but you will get a response from my side for address & shipping it to your doorstep.

Last day in my society gym!!

That was my last day in society gym. Fresh as my morning hard-on.😜 Will be back to my hustle soon, in a new city with some good vibes. Cooking something big this time, bless your Tap. Pardon me for these body hairs & my grumpy face.