Told my bitch “No workout, but i had 4 protein bars. They are delicious”. Response I got was “Save one for me”. & I still got few left for you. When I came from India, I packed some 83 myprotein & muscleblaze protein bars in my luggage.

(This pic was taken months+ back 🤣. Just exchanging some attention under quarantine while enjoying/negotiating my singlehood status.)

I vibe LIFE!!😜

Ssshhhhhhhh. I am loving every bit of me. It’s all about the old, new, comfortable, confident, little wealthier, confidential, truthful, fit, horny, assholic, determined me & hell yes I am feeling every single day a productive day of my life.

Body goals do make a sense.

God gave me a face, I gave myself this body.💪

Imbalanced biscuits!!

Yeah pizza & cheesecakes are eating my abs. Right now is the right time to balance it.

Friends always ask me about diet. I have 4 equally proportionate same meals in my breakfast/lunch/snacks/dinner. Here how each meal looks:

  1. 6 minute boil- 4 egg whites & one egg yolk.
  2. 175 grams of roasted chicken breasts.
  3. Semi boiled (baby carrots, broccoli) & raw (cucumber, spinach leaves) topped with crushed black pepper, Himalayan pink salt & few drops of apple cider vinegar. (That’s my 350 grams salad apparently.)
  4. A banana, some kiwi or strawberry to kill my urge for sweet at the end. Yes that’s all where I score carbohydrates.

University life helps me stay active & always on the go. No supplements at this stage. I don’t think I even need it. I carry some protein bars when I am travelling. Loving life for what it is, a TRUE TOUGH me is the end goal.

Tap OUT..💪

Creatine monohydrate!! Why??

Advantages of creatine monohydrate:

  • Helps and supports muscle growth while producing more energy from them.
  • A must for high intensity training with cardio, weight training or body weight exercises.
  • May help in fighting Parkinson’s disease & neurological disorders.
  • A good supplement to decrease the chances of diabetics & blood sugar rise.
  • Helps brain function & skin health by reducing fatigue and tiredness.

Precautions: Even though it’s a safe & cheap supplement, your kidneys work on filtering everything. Particulate things cause some stress on that organ.
Cure: DRINK ENOUGH WATER (3 litres at least). No matter whether you workout or follow a diet with right supplements.

Giving away few boxes of my muscleblaze & optimum nutrition creatine monohydrate (India & Malaysia only). Just reply to this post with your email ID, if you are up for a healthy lifestyle. Your replies may not be approved, but you will get a response from my side for address & shipping it to your doorstep.

Busting workout myths!!

1.Cardio never burns fat, it just burns some calories.

2.You can’t spot reduce any body part.

3.Muscle doesn’t weight more than fat, it’s denser than fat.

4.Working out morning fasted is the best way to losing fat, because your body is already consuming stored energy whole night to survive. So it’s the right time to let your body eat itself further for more outcome.

5.More sweat is not more workout. If you sweat a lot, just rehydrate. Not just with water, add some sea/pink himalayan salt to it.

6.Following a protein rich diet for gains. But you have to balance it with right fat for right gains.

Abundance.. How to??

Abundance comes in three forms; Finance, Love & Health.

  1. FINANCE: Of course you need money to afford anything & everything in this 3D world. You have to work towards it continuously & religiously. Be devoted towards what you do or what you want to do, Work will seem fun. Money making is a journey of self preservation too. Do what your heart desires, make sure it’s fruitful.
  2. LOVE: Yes we all need love in our life. Here abundance is your emotional fulfilment. Without love in your life, you hardly deserve to be called a human being. That love can be towards your partner, family, pet or your passion. But first you need to find a value in yourself to face the reality of what you are. Whether you are a giver or a taker, remember LOVE is something you will get how much you give. In case you feel you failed in love, stop courting yourself on that. Your almighty wants something better for you. In this quantum realm, everything gets balanced. There will always be an equilibrium in your emotional growth.
  3. HEALTH: This is my favourite one. Abundance in health is priceless. There is no better way to describe how important it is to take care of your health. Follow a diet & schedule your day-to-day activities. Living like an animal without discipline is nothing but inviting nonsensical thoughts & negative vibes. You need to enter each day with something in your head planned to achieve, that can be a visit to a park or finishing a meeting with your client for a couple grand bucks project. Make sure you wake up every next day with something to achieve, that keeps your mind & heart flowing towards gaining a positive momentum. Workout is just a part of your entire day’s schedule, please do it. Go to gym or do yoga at home, but do something for your health’s longevity. Yes sometimes your mouth will crave for all the things that your body actually hates, give yourself a day or two to gobble some cheesy sweet spicy mess. You deserve best of all that you desire.

I hope this article helped you little bit about clearing your path to happiness & success, in short ABUNDANCE. Life is easy & fun at the end of everything. Master your self growth. See & treat people as you treat yourself. You & others all deserve HAPPINESS. Don’t let any negativity drive your mindset. You are amazing. Tap OUT..😘💪

Optimum Nutrition Fish oil.. 300MG..

You must add a Omega-3 fish oil to your diet or supplement. It’s a must for all homosepians for good skin/hair/heart/good fat for your body.

Yeah. It’s business. & If not optimum nutrition, buy any brand you love if it’s legit or add some fish to your everyday diet.

Penis facials.. Not kidding..

Trust me, things are really getting weird with time. I knew cum is the best facial you can gift/give to your girl. But, this one is even going one notch deeper & dumber.

Read the entire article here: http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/penis-facials-are-hollywoods-favorite-new-beauty-trend-yes-really/

Keto friendly meals.. Yeah TASTY..

This is the best one i found. I will post my version of it too soon. It looks delicious. Try it even if you aren’t planning for a Keto diet. A healthy you is better than you are right now.

Today’s Pizza story.. #taptalks 😂

Yes. I had a pizza (Keto friendly Pizza) after 2 weeks, because of my bad health conditions. & The feeling wasn’t that great, some assholes were eating pizza using fork+knife.

The first pic is my rant.

Optimum Nutrition ZMA..

Yeah. New stock piled. ZMA contributes to enhancing & balancing hormonal levels. Yes, it boosts testosterone levels upto 30%.

Athletes & Gym-Dicks can ping me for a give away. Just reply this post.

Muscleblaze MB Burner (Fat burner)..

I am going little blunt with it. Personally i am not a fan of fat burners. All fat burners work the same way using some garcinia, grape seed extract & caffeine. This one contains no caffeine. But, that’s not enough to stand out. For my body type caffeine is a boon, my pre workout is a black coffee since ages. Caffeine is a friend to my body. But, those who are caffeine intolerant, have issues with kidney, lower water levels in their body or dull skin must stay away from caffeine & coffee both.

About this product: Yes it’s effective. But, i would rate it 5.5 out of 10 in terms of productivity. Remember one thing, supplements will work like a wonder if your diet & workout is balanced.

Optimum Nutrition CLA 750mg..

New product in catalogue..

Not for beginners if you aren’t into it. Following fitness is celebrating a lifestyle that’s only 1% people are habituated to. Whether it’s getting the girl of your dreams or get the desired look rollin on a sandy beach. Looking fly as fuck is a necessity. Every minute passing is an opportunity. If not used, an opportunity lost. You don’t need to be someone to get accepted. Be the best version of you. Keep slaying.

Ritebite Max Protein snack.. New ❤️.

My new snack. This chips is not fried or baked. About cost: it’s moderately priced. Taste is awesome for just a dried snack. Ritebite: remember the name.

Optimum nutrition BCAA CAPSULES..

OK Flash. New product in catalogue.

Love & respect from Tap to all the aspirers, who saw the dream to be a healthy self. Thanks for letting me help & serve you. This means a lot more than just a stupid business to me.

New Product Flash.. Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine..

Now Don’t ask me about GST. It’s working like a boon for both buyer & seller..

(Don’t take any supplement, if you aren’t drinking enough water. The only way to keep a check on your health is; see whether your pee is crystal clear white. If Yes, do the fuck you wanna do)

Say Hi to my new friend!! Oh My Goodness Yoghurt Smoothie..

I love it when brands try the basic things in a better way. There is nothing better to start a day with some yoghurt flavoured by ginger 🍋.

Dianabol: The harsh Truth of fitness..

There are no shortcuts for fitness, muscle building or fatloss. It’s a life long ongoing process which will take immense amount of hardwork & dedication.

Now. Let’s jump to the topic; What’s dianabol?

Answer: The chemical name of this thing is METHANDROSTENOLONE. It’s an answer of USA to Russia. It all started to win more number of Olympic medals. When Russia (Soviet union at that time) won too many medals in 1940-50 using testosterones; an pharmaceutical company in USA called CEBA discovered this shit in 1958. All American athletes started performing like a pro in Olympics. Then, you know what’s happening. 
Dianabol is a extension to something like artificial testosterone derived drug.

What are the side effects: 

1. Androgenic side effects. Which results to acne, baldness, skin rashes, voice cord damage, hair issues & clitoris longing (in women).

2. Estogenic side effects. Body water retention, Methene level push.

3. Cardiovascular. Imbalance in LDL & HDL. It increases the bad cholesterol levels in your body. It clogs the blood vessels.

4. Testosterone. I am talking about natural testosterone. The entire testosterone levels of body will drop. Which results in impotency most of the time. Natural hormonal imbalance.

5. Hepatotoxicity. Dianabol is a composition of C17: alpha alkylated anabolic steroid. It has a toxic nature which damages liver at a rapid 3000% percent fast rate.

Last suggestion & request: Just stay away from this drug or any supplements which is connected to this shit. Life is more fruitful the natural way. Let’s make this world of fitness drugfree together.

Big day for Tap..

After i am spared by my doctor today, hopefully I will take you on a journey of 15days transformation..

& The only supplement i will use except whey protein will be this one.

Tap is surrounded by assholes..

Bro. I asked one for use & review. Now i have to start selling it. 😂

Anyone in Bangalore-Jakarta-Cardiff can ping me for some free supplements. (If you have genuine love for a fit lifestyle)

Pizza & Weight loss.. See yourself!!

Read the entire article here;


Supplement Give away!!

Anyone in Bangalore or Mumbai can send me small mail with his goals towards following a fit lifestyle. Email: tapan4u@live.in

I will be giving away 400gram & 1KG whey protein concentrate boxes, 1000mgx100 Omega 3 fish oils, some BCAA, Optimum nutrition CLA & Multi vitamins worth of 30K.

Switching to new city. Purchased for self use, but i achieved my goals just using boiled egg-vegetables-chicken-turkey. So giving away all to the deserving person.

Optimum Nutrition Opti-MEN!!

The best multi vitamin for men!!

&GST is a boon in disguise for all fitness enthusiasts + small business owners like me.

(Thanks in advance for appreciating the photographer in me)

Yeah.. CONDOMS.. Awesome INDIA!! Way to GO!!

Trust me, my contribution is zero. 😉😉

Read the entire article here: https://m.timesofindia.com/india/10-lakh-condoms-snapped-up-online-in-69-days/articleshow/61611721.cms

My Morning Booster..

Friends often ask me; “why I love coffee!! That too BLACK..”

BECAUSE I haven’t experienced a smoother coffee then this one..

This is the only coffee i can recommend for caffeine intolerant people.

Say NO to SUGAR.. WHY!!

Eating too much sugar can certainly lead towards weight gain, sharp mood swings. Yes, it’s an addiction & more dangerous then fat.

Let’s measure all the down sides of sugar or benefits of quitting sugar.

  1. You will overcome a serious addiction if you quit sugar. Sounds funny but studies show sugar is more addictive then cocaine.
  2. Your breath will get better from the first week of stop taking sugar. Sugar just doesn’t cause gum or cavities. It is an awesome source of food for bacterias of mouth. In such conditions they reproduce more quickly resulting in a terrible breath. (Want to be more successful with the opposite sex, you better stop any form of sugar immediately)
  3. Sugar even linked to the development of numerous lunch conditions. So lowering sugar intake results in weakening asthma symptoms.
  4. Increase brain power. It dulls the brain activity up to 36%. (So if exams are around better you stay away from chocolates).
  5. You will be less likely to have Alzheimer’s disease. There is a chemical called BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic factor), it helps the brain to form connections & makes new memories. Drop in this factor is linked to consumption of high sugar.
  6. You skin will look younger. Giving up sugar is inflammatory. Inflammation is a known cause of acne.
  7. A good heart health. People who eat too much sugar have a much higher risk of heart attack. Sweet soda & arrayed drinks are a trigger of coronary heart disease. Less sugar means less insulin, drop in the level of average heart rate. Your blood pressure will also decrease. Your heart & blood vessels will have less work to do. So, stroke or artery diseases will be less likely.
  8. Less bad cholesterol. High sugar increases level of bad cholesterol and blood fats, that can clog your blood vessels leading to severe heart conditions. Which can be a huge threat to life.
  9. Much better mood. Being irritable after you say No to sugar is normal. Because temptation is everywhere. Saying no to all forms of sugary super delicious things is a bit tricky. But when you are done, when diet will change, you will feel much better. Studies show people who eat less sugar or no sugar are rarely diagnosed with depression. The world around you will change, when you will change your diet habits.
  10. You will get a good sleep. High sugar intake interface with your normal energy levels. It’s OK to feel sleepy or sluggish after giving up sugar. But when your body adopts to it, your body will be super active throughout the day. & You will be ready to sleep when the bedtime comes. Your day/night cycle will be more naturally balanced.
  11. You will be less likely to have diabetics. Eating too much glucose develops high insulin resistance. It means high sugar can get in & get stuck in the blood stream. Which will lead to prediabetic & then to real disease.
  12. Low risk of having any kind of cancer. Cancer is not just but an unwanted cellular growth in a bad bad way, sugar is an easy energy source for them. Pancreatic cancer is often linked to high sugar intake.
  13. Sharper eye sight. Fluctuation in insulin & glucose levels lead to vessel damage & decrease blood supply to your eyes. As a result the eye sharpens drops. In such conditions myopia or cataract may develop.
  14. You will lose weight fast. When you eat a lot of sugar especially fructose, you are very likely to overeat. The pancreas is forced to produce more insulin & other hormones that regulate metabolism digestion and weight are neglected. The body sends to wrong signals of snacking or hunger when you will end up consuming more sugar fooling yourself.
  15. Less visits to doctor. Your immune system is seriously affected by consumption of large amounts of sugar. You are protected from bacteria & viruses by white blood cells. Their efficiency drops drastically when you eat glucose, fructose or honey. Sugar also causes development of cavities & gum disease. So less visits to doctor & dentist.

You will save an crazy amount of money. Eating sugar, then doctor-dentist-dermatologist, because of health-teeth-acne or skin related problems, let’s cut that somewhere. Use the saved money on travelling, buying new clothes (yeah you need a lot of them after losing those extra pounds), or develop a hobby that was unaffordable before. Share it between your friends & family for a happy-happening life.

Career-Love-Fitness.. Where/What/When/How!!

One of the biggest challenge that youngsters face is impatience. After being at a Job for few months, if it’s not their ‘DREAM JOB’, they bump into new one. But the problem is you won’t know that in a few months especially when you’re entry level. So if you are going to just take a Job at least use it as an education.

If it’s not the Job you love, then learn. Learn from the bad leadership & decisions you are experiencing. Learn from the things that you like & you don’t like.

Not to mention the fact that finding a great Job is not like a scavenger hunt. You don’t look under a rock/mountain a be like, ” yeepee I found it, Here’s a Job I adore”.

A great career/dream Job/a fulfilling career is like a great relationship. You don’t find love either like a SURPRISE. You can’t just say yourself someday “Oh, I found the person I love”. That’s not how it works!!

You find somebody who really loves you for you, respects your thoughts/opinions/decisions. & You work hard every single day to stay in love. It’s not something you can take for granted. After you fall in love, you have to keep on working at it.

It’s like going to gym/do some workouts, you have to work really hard every single day to get into shape. But, once you are in shape, you actually have to keep going on. You can’t stop.

You want a great relationship, you have to work hard to form that great relationship & then you have to work at it when you are in it.

Careers are the same. You have to work hard to find what you like & when you get it. The feeling of “Oh my gosh, I really love it here” must be there. Then the work continues to stay in love. It’s not something you just find, not some miracle. And If you think it’s that way, then you are going to keep going from Job, to Job, to Job, to Job & unfortunately you will never find what you are looking for.

Breakfast!! Why & how!!

First rule: Whether you are hungry or not/dieting, Never skip it.

Empty stomach at morning means higher risk of diabetics & heart disease. & It’s not going to help in weight loss you are dying for.

What to eat!!

  1. Go NUT: almond, pistachio, cashew, peanut & walnut. These nuts carry some vital nutrients to kick your morning with high fibre, protein & healthy fat resulting good heart health.
  2. Coffee, Yes BLACK: Good cardio vascular health. It decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  3. Tea: Weight loss, anti oxidant, cancer fighting antibodies, protect heart, stronger teeth & bone.
  4. Go GREEN: Enough of that sugary fruit smoothie. Let’s change it a bit. Go for a smoothie which includes spinach, broccoli, cucumber & anything that looks green. Just grind & drink.
  5. Fruit & Berries: Always prefer berries over fruits. & Avoid that fruit juice, prefer eating fruit & whole fruit.
  6. Bread & Cereals: Yes please. Go for any whole grain bread & cereals. Whole grains pack all needed vitamins & minerals that’s actually gets eliminated during refining process of fine flours.
  7. Greek Yogurt: It’s probiotic, Helps in weight loss & a strong immune system.

I have summed it up in a way to deal with your day to day nutritional demands of your body. Start a day with something good. Hope this post helps all who asked me for suggestions related to breakfast & what’s the stuffs to pack for avoiding a health hazard in the making.

Bad Skin Food!!

Avoid the foods listed below. & Stop complaining about the bad skin tone, acne, age spot, wrinkles, fine lines, many more that you can imagine related to skincare routine.

If you are a working professional (just like me) who is still dreaming to slay that 6 pack abs game or some student/oldie/house wife whoever you are; This post is for you. Because a good skin is not just needed for a pretty face, skin is the first protective layer of your body which takes the first hit related to any disease or injury. A healthy skin is a must before thinking about an happening delightful life.

So. Let’s go for what not to eat in your all day to day routine for a younger, clean & healthy skin. The list as follows;

  1. DAIRY: All dairy products stimulates extra oil in your body causing pore clog. Which will result in acne in most cases. (The worst lies on this planet are SKIMMED MILK, LOW FAT BUTTER & FAT FREE CHEESE)
  2. SALT: Iodine retains extra body water causing puffy & flamy skin. If you can’t skip higher salt intake & super serious about those tastebuds; add some Omega-3 related food or take Omega-3 fish oil capsules. Omega-3 helps in keeping that healthy fatty acid rate high & it keeps skin moist+uninfected.
  3. BAD CARBOHYDRATES: Google it to know more about foods with bad carbohydrates. It’s essentially foods with higher GI (Glycemic Index) value. Like a bag of potato chips, which is a just a skin disaster helping you age early.
  4. SUGAR: It completely ruins the skin collagen production. Results in a rapid skin ageing. So if you love sweet or sugar, eat fruit; it has higher fructose & anti oxidant which will help you look younger for longer.
  5. ALCOHOL: Causes dehydration. Resulting poor, dull & dry + less vibrant skin.
  6. SHELLFISH: This includes prawn, lobsters & other sea foods. They contain high iodine levels which will hold water in your body causing a baggy skin tone & layers of unwanted skin fat.

Now that I have mentioned what not to eat!! Let’s also include what to eat for a younger & vibrant skin, I will answer in one line. “That’s all rich color natural food”.

Post 1. Keto Diet Chart for freaks.. Day 3

OK.. OK.. First I was thinking of naming the Subject to “Keto Diet Chart for Dummies”.. But Now, let’s skip that & jump to what we need to do in a short span to get rid of those extra fat.
Thought by me while typing: Clothes worth a million can’t make you look good if you look like a douchebag(look Fat)..
Diet Chart:

During Keto everyone avoids carbs, because that’s what Keto Diet is. I too do the same. As I said in my last post; If you are up with a 10 to 4 job, it becomes really hectic to follow a routine/discipline. The advantage of reading this blog post is, Now you don’t need that(Routine/Discipline).
Just remember you have to complete a four time meal as I am going to mention.

You have to eat veggies & some meat/fish/prawn/egg throughout the day as your breakfast-lunch-dinner-any other mood food. If you can go for a small workout routine or you are a fitness enthusiast, please add 2 scoop of 100% whey protein to your diet (any time).
N.B: Lazy guys can just eat right & chill.
Breakfast can be a omelet of 3eggs + some veggies added. Don’t use onion or any sauces to cook. Just some butter & herbs will do the rest when put in a little high flame. Cooking time will be 8-10minute max. This was my breakfast since last 3days. From tomorrow onwards i will be switching to some mushrooms with cream & cheese.

Lunch should be little high on calories because it is going to last till your evening workout starts(in my case). If you are not planning to go for a workout during Keto, I am just suggesting to start with a mild one like walking a mile or try some sit ups. Because during Keto, body gets to experience a new kind of diet which is being consumed by you. High fat, standard protien & low/zero carbs. Still, you need about 15-20grams of carbs in a day to get going. So, don’t forget some veggies.

Now, do or try a small workout after you are free for 20-30minutes (least). Dinner needs to be as half good as your lunch. So cut everything half what you eat during lunch. Or just go with a whey protein shake (No milk/No dairy), use only water. If it tastes lousy, try add a drop/tablet of Stevia. That’s it, you can’t ask more. Ketosis or Keto Diet is basically the survival mode of your body, you may feel a little drowsy or consumed/weak. But, trust me that’s a matter of one or two days. After that you & your body will be habituated to the routine.
In my case, my working hours are 10am to 4pm. I take my breakfast at 8.30. Then lunch at 12.30-1pm. I return home by 5pm, & I have included a small workout routine for myself as I still desire to look like a good looking average guy. (Yes Funny).

Whatever age group you belong, if you are planning to look good & feel sporty; get rid of those extra kilos. & It’s easy, super easy. A small amount of determination can do wonders.
Next post tomorrow, Tap ON for further gyans related to stay fit.

Switching to KETO DIET..

Before having so many doubts about it. Just Google it. It’s not new. But, as a working person, following a routine becomes impossible at every end. So, here is my journey. I am yet to start from tomorrow morning 8am.

But Yeah, whether you are a HE or SHE, you can join in. Why Keto? In my words, I need a body detox & below 8-9% body fat. This one looks easy as I gave it a shot a month back for a week, & within that week I lost 3.6kilo weight. After that one week I became intolerant towards my favourite PAPA JOHN’s ALL MEAT PIZZA. So I am a late starter here.
Challanged by a friend/brother, now I am up with it. For more, keep switching to to this space. From diet to my small workout routine, I am going to share everything. Yes, everything. If a lazy ass like me can do it, you can do it with ease.
Remember one thing, being fit is your Right & Duty. Neglecting it will invite a small or big health issue. Do it before you are forced to. #TapON