True me.. Tap-1305..

There is nothing wrong with slowness.
All around you in nature, a billion different things move at a slow pace, just as they are supposed to.
No flower is rushing to be somewhere else.
No wave is pushing it’s way to the shore before its time.
Even when the rain pours down quickly, it took time for that level of force to build up.

I hope you continue to crave change, healing, and transformation and I also hope you remember the soil beneath your feet.
The sun shining above you.
The wind blowing around you.
This is change, too.
This is meaningful, too.

Let this season be what this season needs to be.
Let it shape you how it needs to shape you.
Trust: you don’t have to spend every moment worried about your growth to know that you are still becoming who you were meant to be.
There is no need to worry.
You’re growing even when you’re not thinking about it.
(Not my words.)

Tap OUT..✌️