True me.. Tap-872..

Make your life about joy.
Celebrate your big and little wins.
Grow every day.

Enjoy the first sip of your morning coffee,
and the second and third and fourth.
Find something to smile about on your commute.
Give hugs often, compliment others whenever you can.
Get inspired.
Nourish yourself.
Go outside and spend time in nature.
Take chances.
Make the art.
Watch the sunrise or sunset.
Climb the mountain with your bestfriend.

Because life is just too short and fragile to not live a life of chasing joy.
Life is fun, let it be. (Not my words).

(This video got something to do with the post above. If you have 10 minutes, watch it with headphones plugged in.)

Tap OUT..🤟

2 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-872..

  1. You are absolutely right of the world. It is the time to be awake, to be alive and to be able to enjoy things now. Do not worry about the past or postpone happiness to the distant future because tomorrow may be too late. I can’t access the video because I don’t speak English. I use the translator in my blog. Greetings from Chile (South America).
    Manuel Angel