True me.. Tap-855..

I’ve been to parties where I’ve seen these really gorgeous girls hiding in the corners afraid to talk to anyone.
I can tell they’re insecure.
Maybe they don’t think they’re pretty enough or they don’t think they have the right outfit on, but it immediately dims their inner light.
To me there’s nothing more attractive than someone owning who they are in the skin they’re in.

Find what makes you comfortable and confident.
Remember how special you are and wear it with pride.

Confidence starts with beauty.
Beauty begins from comfort within. (Not my words.)

Tap OUT..💪

7 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-855..

  1. absolutely love this quote! so very true! It took me a year of being alone to realize that I did not need to depend on anybody but myself. I was a very codependent person up until this point. Once I realized the inner strength I had there was no looking back. Best life experience I’ve ever had. It took me 48 years to get their though. 😉 Thank you for sharing!