Everyone is so focused on acting savage, busy, and heartless these days.

Meanwhile, I’m searching for the humans that believe in compassion, love, and human connection.

-Sylvester McNutt.

4 thoughts on “Tru2Day855

  1. Lol well life is busy and life was halted for me for a long time … first with cancer …

    I finish that and then covid hit… and I was trying to stand up / I wanted my life back.

    And I work very hard at it.

    Am very sincere caring and thoughtful of others. Also very honest.

    I do believe in love and connection and all that but I am also cautious with it after what went through.

    Peace and safety are also a huge thing to me.

    And since is my first time out all by myself – I take it all in slowly

    I am strong in areas but also know the areas I am not strong with or at ease with.

    Am just careful. I feel better that way… safer ✌️

    Fish out of water …learning to walk lol 😘✌️

    1. You told me about cancer before i remember.
      Happy to know you recovered & thriving.

      We all have rough patches with love & connection. That goes on.
      First being a strong individual is important.
      Have a great day.👍