True me.. Tap-754..

According to science, latest studies in neurobiology and psychology have come up with a theory called “3 LOVE” and according to that theory you are likely to fall in love three times in your lifetime.
And only the third one is the love of your life.
Let me explain;

It’s the first love that happens when you’re young.
It’s the idealistic.
Love that feels like a fairy tale, but it often ends over something silly and leaves you questioning whether it was love at all.

Second: HARD LOVE.
This is the love where you love strongly and get hurt even stronger.
It’s full of toxic cycles and drama betrayal and abuse.
The Break-up is hard, but it builds you as a person.
You focus on yourself.
Now you know what you want and what you don’t want.

This comes blindly and creeps you.
There is no warning.
There’s no planning.
You’ll find yourself caring about this person without even trying.
They don’t look like your typical crush.
But you get lost in them.
You fall in love with the little things, it isn’t always easy but you want to build a life together.
This is how, you know, when you’ve met the love of your life.

Those are not my words of course.
Now the question is; “Do i believe in it?”
My way of entertaining people is easy.
I can’t trust anyone 100% except myself.
People who stay consistent with their approach are just adorable to me.
I already have 18-19 such amazing friends in my life.
But I can’t stop flexing my love for babies & puppies, i want at least 95 babies with my future wife. The more the better.
Someday i would love to enter a relationship, get married with someone truthful, consistent & driven.

Tap OUT..😋

16 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-754..

  1. I am a little nervous with the true love part… but only because I went through the hard love and that was horrific and rough
    So I never want that again lol
    So I just go along and not look – whatever is meant to be will be 🙌❤️ but I am highly cautious with it lol
    I don’t want a mistake lol 😮

    1. Thanks for your words Deepika.
      And I am afraid of cats because my gran’s cat used to scratch me & bite me till i was 2ft tall.
      As if now, my real love is babies & puppies.😜