True me.. Tap-727..

When you see broken pieces of humanity, broken systems, broken ways of doing things, please don’t look away.

Don’t sit out saying, “there’s nothing i can do”.

Like anything, change happens when we decide to show up and say something. As human beings, we were meant to come to each other’s aid to take care of one another, to live in peace and unity, to fight and defend each other’s freedom, rights, and voices.

So, don’t wait for someone else to stand up and say “let’s fix this”. Step in- now. Be the voice of justice and change NOW. Not when you feel ready, but when you see it, when you realize it. Because, now that you have seen, you are responsible.
And the only way we’ll see change, justice, and restoration is if we’re bold enough to take the first step and lead the way for others to do the same.
Raise your voice towards safeguarding your HUMAN VALUES.

Tap OUT..💪