True me.. Tap-707..


1. When you are Alone, Mind your Thoughts.

2. When you are with Friends, Mind your Tongue.

3. When you are Angry, Mind your Temper.

4. When you are with a Group, Mind your Behavior.

5. When you are in Trouble, Mind your Emotions.

6. When God starts blessing you, Mind your Ego.

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When i see something like this while browsing news, one thing comes across my mind casually; “Government must handover such pedophiles to nearby CrossFit studios instead of putting them in jail. CrossFit studios must be allowed to use these assholes as punchbags or boxsack from 6am-6pm. After that take them back to hospital safely. Treat them well till next day 6am & repeat the same every next day. Such grooming gang stories are not new & i will share more on that some other day”.

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