True me.. Tap-699..

The most important gift we can give ourselves is the commitment to living our authentic life.
To be true to ourselves, however, is not an easy task.

We must break free of the seductions of society and live life on our own terms, under our own values and aligned with our original dreams.
We must tap our hidden selves; explore the deep-seated, unseen hopes, desires, srengths and weaknesses that make us who we are.
We have to understand where we have been and know where we are going.

Every decision we make, every step we take, must be informed by our commitment to living a life that is true and honest and authentic to ourselves and ourselves alone.
And as we proceed, we are certain to experience fortune well beyond our highest imagination.

(Not my words).

Tap OUT..🤗

6 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-699..

  1. Same here my friend. I love a busy scheduled day, but once in a while i seek a break from everything so bad. Later I get it the way i want anyways.😂😜 Happy to know you are kicking it.
    Thanks for the congratulations.🤗

  2. Yes – people should be happy in life – whatever that means to them. Be free if able!
    Also… congratulations there 😮😮😮 wow!! Impressive 🎊
    I been struggling because I am so exhausted and once in awhile I am little silent if too stressed 😘✌️
    But still kickin it 🙌 ❤️ pretty well sorta ✌️lol
    Congrats on your posts!! 🎉