True me.. Tap-693..


1. Commit to learning about money, one hour a day in the beginning. Learn everything about crypto, stock market, forex & real estate before putting your hard earned money into it.

2. Spend less than you earn. And never buy anything unnecessary even though it’s at 70% discount. Don’t buy if you don’t need.

3. Pay yourself first when you are thinking of starting a business. You are your first employee.

4. Save for emergencies. Bad times happen, and you mustn’t fall apart.

5. Have a simple investing strategy that can live with you on the long run.

6. Don’t waste your money trying to look cool. People who care about you have different reasons to like you apart from your appearance.

7. Know your enemies: fear, greed & impatience. What takes long time to build also takes long time to collapse. Consistent approach is the key.

Tap OUT..💪

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