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MONEY; doesn’t matter you like this word or not, it’s a vital part of our life. Planning a happy life without MONEY is like fooling around with yourself.
MONEY is directly linked to our happiness because of certain basic human instincts. Every change in life also brings some lifestyle changes which requires more money to afford a stable life further.

Question is; “Is just MONEY enough to be HAPPY?”.
Answer is; No. We need money, but we also want a sassy relationship, a stable career, a strong family bond, some reliable friends & you have to pack ton of gratitude in your heart. Creating a successful life takes lots of time & energy, MONEY is an amazing accelerator here.

Before all you have to tell yourself “MONEY IS A MAJOR DRIVER/ENABLER OF HAPPINESS”. Valuing MONEY doesn’t mean being materialistic, MONEY must be spent the right way or on moments/experiences/investments which will help you create memories while generating happiness”. See the video by CNBC MAKE IT below to understand what i am talking about.

(This post is for the people who have the desire & dedication to achieve goals/success in life with a purpose. Not talking to the ones who already know they can’t reach this level of financial stability. A soldier who already dropped weapon is of no one’s use.)

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