True me.. Tap-644..

I have seen most people entering & exiting relationships with a bad taste in mouth about their previous partner, i experienced that bad taste just once in my life. A lesson which taught me: “CHEAP GETS CHEAPER WITH TIME”. When somebody offers you a lackluster behaviour, just recite the previous bold line i mentioned & never forget YOU ARE THE MOST EXPENSIVE THING IN THIS WORLD.

Life is all about being a better you with time, no matter you are alone or with someone in any kind of relationship/commitment. If someone isn’t helping you in this journey to be a better you, that’s not your person. Prioritise those who prioritise you.

Few friends still questioning “Whether i am dating Demi?”
Answer is a huge NO.
Yes I adore her character, elegance, intelligence & an open mindset to receive everything. That’s the only person with whom i can have a conversation about data analytics to Coco Chanel. Very few people can be that versatile. What sets both of us apart is “I really can’t remember what’s the last time i called her & she didn’t answer my call”. No doubt i have some University pals who are on a 24/7 alert mode to join my stupid weekend plans, but Demi does that no matter whether she is in my city or somewhere else. That’s one thing about her i will forever be grateful, we are best friends for a reason and that’s never changing.

Tap OUT..😘

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