True me.. Tap-548..

There is nothing like “SETTLE DOWN” for something. And never settle for mediocre. Self-assured people have a vision of what they want and they go for it. Let’s say CONFIDENT PEOPLE for better understanding. They don’t hold back & allow their fears to keep them from trying. They push themselves to go above and beyond. They set the bar high for themselves and demand excellence. They know they are as deserving of the best in both work and life.

Confidence is SEXY & you are the most expensive person in your life. People often forget to look at mirror & say “YOU DESERVE THE BEST”.

This video on Donald Dump got nothing to do with today’s post. Sad to see couple of dumbfucks still believing in voter fraud garbage what this orange piece of shit pukes. While claiming to be world’s oldest strongest democracy, America has shown last week that there is a new breed of homegrown terrorists blooming. I don’t believe in religion, race or nationalism. Hope people will rise above all to cherish humanity one day.

Tap OUT..🤗

7 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-548..

  1. They aren’t blooming – they have always been here. We have issues with race mostly … religion is not really a big thing here – you have the religious people but who cares what religion anyone is… so what? Is not a big deal to be different in religion ?? I don’t even think of religion!! That does not even cross my mind as an issue.
    Race yes. We have huge racial issues.
    Also America is politically charged right now still 🤨 that’s where all the emotions and craziness comes from
    We gonna see if we can be adults on Wednesday – Inauguration Day … we see
    For 4 years this built up and the cork popped in 2020… all shit broke lose and here we are ✌️😘
    Trump fuels the flames and its on … so bring on Wednesday!!
    Security is intense
    Yeah America is massively charged at this moment – we are not done ✌️
    Were you not expecting a show out of this? Lol … with Trump around is always a show

    1. Hope everything goes well today. Whatever those dumbfucks did on 6-July in capitol was a big disgrace to the face of democratic free world. The good part is, we will see less of that negativity now onwards.

      1. I sooo hope we can act like grown adults and be mature? I am hoping

        Yes that was a horrific disgrace! Very embarrassing. We are very humbled by that disgusting display and saddened by the losses that occurred that day.

        🙏 yes to healing after that crap 💩