True me.. Tap-543..

How real is FOMO!?! Believing others are better off. The common saying “the grass is greener on the other side” can feel painfully true, especially in our modern world of influencers, social media and the fear of missing out associated to it. It’s common for people to present their lives online in a way that depicts only the best, the most glamorous pets, exotic trips, luxury purchases, a wild success. But sometimes glamour is entirely false, some people are more likely to lie online than in person. Although some may lie to protect their privacy, many invent stories to convince their followers that they’re living a spectacular life when they’re entirely ordinary. This delusion often convinces others that they are somehow failing at the game of life. Even worse, it causes self-blame and feelings of isolation. Know that most people don’t have it as good as they make it seem on social media.

Everyone experiences struggle and imperfection. If they say otherwise, they’re lying. Let go of the belief that you’re worse off than other people. Having what you think other people possess is not the solution. That desire is often a source of unhappiness. You are amazing on your own, your only competition & motivation should be a better version of you.

Tap OUT..🤗

14 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-543..

  1. I stay away from all that nonsense – I just want to love life not care about what people have or who they are – big deal lol … that effects my life how?

    Good for them – I am over here rebuilding ✌️😘 and also handling lots of death so all this materialistic or self absorbed world I just don’t pay attention to

    I don’t do social media so that helps ALOT!

      1. Well yes it is, but that’s not my thing. But that is true, on both accounts – so I just stay away 😊❤️✌️ works for me

        If you want it – you can have it. ✌️😘

        1. I am active in “snapchat” because of my high school & university friends. Deleted facebook account in 2011. I hate instagram & never installed tiktok in my phone. That’s my story about social media.😜

          1. My Facebook still floats around… I just do not go on or log in… ever. I walked away from it on July 9th, 2019
            I have an Instagram – and I have 2 followers lol (my sister in law and my cousin) I have never ever ever made a post on Instagram lol … I never understood it … and I didn’t like the premise right away… I am wordy… I would not like Instagram lol ✌️😄😘 (or Twitter)
            I never did TikTok either lol .. it just reminded me of vines which kinda drove me nuts lol
            My daughter is currently trying to talk me into getting that Discord and she has just discovered Twitter so that’s her new thing and she wants me to get that
            I have never had a Twitter
            I have no desire for any of that. But that’s just my own preference for my own reasons ✌️

              1. Ughhh no I am not lol … but she has amazing friends and I know their parents and I know where she is at all times and who she talks to
                I follow her like a mother but not on social media lol … I am old school – I know everything they do lol ✌️😘

                1. I understand all social media trends, but i stay away from it as much as possible. I have some 16k followers in instagram, and i haven’t uploaded a single pic since 2017. I used to accept some brand endorsements & campaigns in 2014-15, later found it boring. The money is social media is good, but not as good as blogging. A million instagram follower can pay hardly 2000 dollars a month, but you have to flaunt an amazing fake life to get it all. Same effort in a blog with a good topic can easily generate 10k & you can do that even while being discreet about your body or life/relationship.👍

                  1. I don’t charge for mine. I do mostly for myself. But I love the community here too ❤️
                    It’s been healing for me.
                    My Facebook was all my family and friends from everywhere I have lived – only contained people I actually knew… no strangers were on there and I kept it extreme privacy
                    I have an Instagram never ever posted one thing – but like I said – I have my cousin and my brothers wife as my followers of nothing lol
                    But I haven’t done anything like that for money.

                  2. I also stay away from social media because I think they force feed you how to think so I stay away from that too
                    So I just don’t go near either
                    I also had ex stalking me with that so I stay far far away. ✌️

                    1. This ex thing is definitely stupid. I hope you had some amazing days during weekend. Social media is not as social as it sounds, i would rather prefer catching up with friends over a coffee or drink.🤗

                    2. Yes my weekend was good… it goes by too fast lol … and I don’t really do anything lol
                      No it is not as social as it thinks it is but whatever lol definitely prefer catching up with coffee ❤️

                    3. Coffee is life. And i miss going for hiking & surfing during weekends. Now a days we friends join for a get-together during weekend to bake pizza & cheesecake. Can’t wait to see world like it used to be.👍

                    4. Yes is nice to relax with coffee ☕️❤️
                      I miss hiking… I don’t surf lol … I swim and stuff and water ski lol … I love tubing and all that. I just do not have the coordination for surfing and then I have issues with my right side – I miss playing golf – I can never do that again because of the right side – I miss that.
                      I just get together with my kids ❤️ but I am busy too… and most of my friends are either older or mortuary workers and isolating lol
                      I do miss how the world used to be. I talk to my police friends but I don’t get to see them so that sucks – I miss them ❤️