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  1. Well I do not like seafood… you can have the oyster 🦪 😝 bleh – have em all!!
    But the shells 🐚 can be beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
    Just sayin ✌️ depends on who you saying it like that to 😘

      1. I know what you meant 😊 the Pearl I would actually like over the seafood lol

        Eww lobsters 🦞… you would love New England … Massachusetts up through Maine … you would be in seafood heaven. Maine has the best lobster you can find.

        Your coastline must have incredible seafood too if someone likes that

        1. Ireland is the hub of seafood export. I enjoyed amazing fresh seafood while living in Cardiff. Now in Berlin, it’s all what comes from freezer.😭 I have travelled so many parts of USA while working in Houston, but i haven’t experienced fresh seafood like UK & Europe.

          1. Have you been to New England?? You have to go to Massachusetts and Maine (New Hampshire too) that whole coast right there
            You also have to know where to go… for how you want it… if you stay in say Boston – you have the fancy historical restaurants and markets
            Or you can drive up the coast and they have seafood 🦞 restaurants and stands – you just have to see
            Have you been there?

            1. I have been to new england & new hampshire. Rest places, hopefully next trip after corona. I usually go to Montreal for visiting my pals, most of the time we take a roadtrip to new york. Now you know which part we travel the most. I traveled so many places during 2017-18 because i was working in Oracle-Houston.

              1. New England is beautiful area ❤️ I consider that my home ❤️
                My sister is up in Maine – Maine is more desolate in areas – very much forest
                Never been to Canada or Mexico … I have been to Caribbean but only for fun.
                My brother is outside Dallas/Ft Worth – very flat there
                Here in Cali we have everything you want lol … we have mountains and snow or beaches and warm, we have breathtakingly beautiful landscape!! Skiing rafting all of it… anything
                But we also have fires and earthquakes …so there is that lol

                1. My cousin lives in San Jose. I have been to both east & west side of USA some 30 times. But I prefer NYC over San Francisco anyday.🤣 Cali is amazing for a weekend, but I can’t imagine living there. I have spent 3 months in Silicon Valley for my internship after MBA. And that Palo Alto entire region is a messy mess in terms of traffic & housing both. Cali weather is cool, perfect for vacation anyday. Hope you are enjoying some amazing days during summer.😜

                  1. Oh well yeah you were in a crazy busy very populated area lol … that Bay Area lol
                    You gotta come inland… Old Sacramento, Lake Tahoe… then you fall in love ✌️
                    Actually currently is like spring – we like had virtually no real winter this year 😮 maybe a week of it so far 😮 … that is bad though cause fire season will be massive 😳

                    1. I would love to travel again after this pandemic calms down little bit. I was working as a software developer after engineering & now working as a data analytics professional in financial services after my MBA. I have been to Cali only for work, silicon valley is our Mecca.🤣

                    2. I am inland more – I work in Sacramento … but live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s … so I get city and I have country ❤️
                      I am hour and a 1/2 from Lake Tahoe
                      2 hours from San Fran if I want that – I usually do not lol ✌️ is fun for touristy things
                      I do prefer Lake Tahoe
                      And Silicon Valley I stay far away from. Palo Alto? Area?I have no reason to be there or go there. Lol
                      I do like Monterey ❤️ Monterey is beautiful
                      And Fort Bragg California is incredible ❤️
                      I know this fricken pandemic lol 🤨🙄

                    3. I need to learn a lot about your state. I know very little about the stretch of San Francisco to San Jose.😜 But i love every place connected to bay. I have spent my life near Cardiff bay, but UK is complete different vibe compared to USA.

                    4. Oh you should – if you get the chance… drive down the coast… omg so beautiful ❤️
                      And if you go Southern California ❤️… go to Huntington Beach – omg just everything is amazing! So beautiful so amazing and so laid back and chill
                      Just stunning!!!
                      If you came inland – There is the Capitol – I work near there. Sacramento is amazing – go to Old Sac!! Like old west back in time! Is awesome! ❤️
                      And then I also have Lake Tahoe pretty close too… and that will take your breath away in any season!!! The beauty is intense and incredible – it takes your breath away
                      And then up there you feel so tiny and you realize how tiny you really are in the world. It’s quite incredible ❤️ you should come do that lol
                      In spring summer and fall – hiking and beaches – there is casinos too if you into that… I usually ignore them lol ✌️ I go for the beauty ❤️
                      And then winter – do you ski? Cause Tahoe has Heavenly and Squaw Valley which was home to the 1960 Olympic Games lol
                      You can pan for gold, see these incredible things lol – yes California is amazing!!
                      But all the states are beautiful. ❤️ they have their own unique things
                      I do not know of Cardiff Bay.
                      You have me curious what the difference in vibe is lol

                    5. I am a big fan of snow & beaches. Born & raised in cities, but i am more of a country boy i think.🤣 After this pandemic calms down little bit, i want to travel everywhere once again. I used to travel 15-17 countries every year for my work, mostly client meets & visits to keep our system cloud architecture running. Now a days everything happens over zoom or Google meets, can’t explain in words how much i hate it. In one way, work from home is fun because we are saving money. And it’s good for my whey protein supplement business too, because i am not paying huge broadband & electricity bills. But the experience of being a human is all about being social. We must see few pretty/new/old/ugly faces everyday, so that we will not become insane with our own silence. I am lucky to have few amazing friends, who knock my door even at 11pm for wine & cheese. Somehow this corona virus didn’t do anything wrong to my life personally, but the experience of working in a big MNC lies in meeting with people who have big ideas or similar mindset as yours. Hope everything resumes as earlier. I have been to some southern parts of California in 2018-19, orange county, LA, san diego, SF bay area & Sacramento as well. But i would love to explore more. Hope you are having an amazing week so far. A ton of thanks for your suggestions Omatra.🤗