True me.. Tap-536..

Business is not a game of money for me, i started with a purpose & i am loving the journey. Most people struggle to figure out priorities which results in a poor choice of living. There is no such mantra/shortcut to success. START SLOW & FINISH STRONG. Have little expectations from others & huge faith in yourself.

While building business my standard is customer’s preference, not the competitor’s product. Even while a pandemic is raving our world, I was lucky enough to grow throughout this year 2020 little stronger stable every single day. 2021 and it’s a long ride, i don’t have enemies but i have competitors. That’s all i can say about the reason “why i usually get bored of random people time after time & my contact block list keeps on increasing”. I have a small group of friends who keep pushing me to reach my higher self. When i say “my people”, i mean my people who are smart, caring, driven, funny & i swear i am sold. Life is fun, let it be.

Tap OUT..👍

3 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-536..

  1. The moment we achieve something, we start to look down upon other people. That why, we might get bored. But understanding that we were also like them, someday. An opportunity changed us, might even change them. Helping them to grow, bring them up. So that they grow with you. Will make them respect you.

    1. I second all your words mehwish. Success is different for different people. Achievements/money isn’t the standard to judge someone’s stature. In this post when i mentioned “random people”, i am talking about unenthusiastic people or people who don’t understand their purpose.