True me.. Tap-528..

We started this 2020 with COVID-19, now UK is reporting a mutation in this virus since past week which caused another harsh lockdown during christmas and 52 countries have banned flights coming from UK. Soon this flight ban may extend to all african airlines as well because the source of this new mutated virus (VUI-202012/01) goes back to Africa. Everyone must be asking what can go wrong from here?! The bad part is, this virus is way more contagious than SARS-COV-2 known as COVID-19. The good part is, outbreaks vanished quicker every time any virus has gone more lethal. Few people still have a question whether the current vaccine will work on this new virus?! The answer is, YES recent vaccines are fully effective on this new strain of virus as well.

Mutation is a word you might have seen a lot in Hollywood movies. In real life this is completely different. Mutation is something which continues to happen inside every living organism all the time. Some mutations make us better stronger, some make us weak. Monkeys becoming Human is an evolution caused by mutation. At the same time abrupt growth/mutation of cells inside body causes cancer. Yes i am talking little bit about mutation today only to make everyone assure that “We humans as a race are way more stable and intelligent to deal with such situations”. Our own idiotic behaviour can make us lose and sadly this world has no shortage of idiots. I am an outgoing person in general when talking about making/meeting friends and new people. It’s almost a year since i moved to a new place, and i hate to say “i haven’t interacted fluently with most of the people i came in touch with during 2020”. Times are not right but every bad time is followed by good time & vice versa. Let’s stay optimistic towards some sweet happening moments and memories to come. Stay home, stay safe.

Wishing you, your friends and family lots of healing, health, happiness, peace & prosperity. Merry Christmas.
Tap OUT..😘

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