True me.. Tap-508..

In this post i am talking about action of collective efforts to create a collective effect in all aspects. It’s true that you will eventually reap what you sow, but we should also realise that our individual decisions & actions become our eventual contribution to society. All of our intention & action create massive energy that creates major effects for all. This energy is eventually transmitted into our society and the world at large. So make sure your action creates value & inspiration to others. Make concious effort to be good to people. Pursue your goals and passion step by step. Lead by example.

Whether you believe in Karma or not, I usually talk about fundamental principles of life which can help you be a better human. I hope your parents, friends, society and even your God expects that from you. To live a life of impact you genuinely desire mastering your skills and knowledge about gratitude, effort, action, selflessness & happiness. They all combined will help you reach a life of fulfillment. The best reward is the one that contributes to the whole.

Tap OUT..🤗

4 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-508..

  1. At this point have personal boundaries, and will only actively work on myself daily and be genuinely kind to people while telling it like it is. I have major refinement to do and am in trauma therapy. So. People don’t like me and never have. I just started liking myself finally. Still some days are hard. I’m sure that I’m not willing to compromise my core to be complacent for others. Only thing I know. I work every day. I just don’t get paid for it. Yet. I appreciate your posts.

    1. Happy to know you have started liking yourself, that’s the most beautiful thing about being an independent person. Hope your work & life in general improves with time.🤗 Appreciation appreciated my friend.👍