True me.. Tap-502..

A relationship is never about a right or wrong person. We encounter both good and bad people in our life. But choices depend on our taste to pick & choose with whom we can vibe. Sometimes we even allow & entertain something/someone that never aligns with our values. All of these till we understand, it’s nothing but getting along with someone’s goodness & consistent approach. Actually consistent approach towards life in general.

Back to first line once again; it’s not about right or wrong, it’s all about whether someone is TRUTHFUL no matter being good or bad and whether that person is consistent!! A TRUTHFUL CONSISTENT person is a lifelong turn on.

Tap OUT..😘

2 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-502..

    1. Then i will tighten my loose trouser or loose moral. Appreciated for the read & a ton of thanks your question. Now a days everyone suffers from this. We must understand what we can expect & offer before approaching other side.

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