True me.. Tap-500..

There are liars, cheaters, thieves, criminals, Donald Trump & all sort of other deceptive people, all have one thing in common is their “LIE”. Basically all are different degree of LIARS. On the other hand there is also another set of equally lackluster group of folks known as “INCONSISTENT PEOPLE”. And i swear they are even more worse compared to LIARS. Liars are a turn off, but it takes a little time to catch their lies. But inconsistent people are way more prominent in their part of nonsense, you can catch their INCONSISTENCY very next moment. Another funny part, most LIARS are INCONSISTENT by nature.

My post was to make everyone aware of any INCONSISTENT person around. You don’t need to confront them, just get rid of them. Right people vibe & match your energy, then stick for a long run no matter what’s your taste or status!! Liars will never connect to this school of thought. Truth is trust. Be blunt to block any inconsistent person from life, that’s the best gift you can give yourself before 2020 is over. Still another month away, let’s end it on a good note.

Lifted from bestie bitch’s story.

(This paragraph has nothing to do with the post above. We are slowly but surely recovering from this pandemic. I wish/hope everyone is taking care of own health and happiness. Today i am not around family or my same set of friends that i have spent previous few amazing years, i am talking about geographical distance here. This is the time we used to share some warmth, have some nice sugery/greasy yummy food & create few good memories meanwhile. I didn’t host any kinda party this year because of COVID-19, that money was meant to be spent for my people. So many things didn’t go as planned. What breaks my heart is those people whose lives & livelihood got effected. Went to a nearby homeless shelter today asking whether i can donate some sweatshirts/jackets/blankets because it’s almost winter. They replied, there is enough winter clothes available except some winter woolen socks because they always run short. I bought socks for everyone in that homeless shelter & i wasn’t even able to spend the whole thanksgiving dinner money. Only message i wanted to share here; YES we all are going through a tough time. Do your tiny bit towards the needy even if you want to flex/share it in your instagram or YouTube. There is nothing wrong is spreading the right. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.)

Tap OUT..🤗

19 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-500..

  1. Yes, stay safe from dishonest people and those without integrity. It does take time to find them out, but when we do, it’s really a shock.

    Prezz Trump … I better not say anything. Lol. I’m just waiting for Joe Biden to get into the White House. ♥️

  2. Hey!! 👋 how you been ?
    I do not trust liars at all… and anything else – I just watch someone’s actions vs their words.
    I want to see integrity and compassion and also humor lol.. so I watch for that – I have an amazing crew!! I hope you do to!! ❤️
    We aren’t fairing too well with covid over here ☹️ they better hurry

    1. I understand the situation of covid is tricky at places. Hope both government & people understand the need of time to do the right looking at current situation.

      I second what you mentioned on liars. Integrity, compassion & humour, says it all about a person.👍💪

      1. Haha … well Biden stepping in and seriously putting plan together … he is more calm and handling seriously. So that is good.
        We are just Americans … we be damned if anyone tells us what to do 🤨
        It’s just that, people ache for one another… they long to see their families. This pandemic getting really hard for people. Both emotionally and financially.
        And this forces us to distance – be alone. That is hard for some to handle.
        It’s just a hard situation – cause if you gonna catch and die anyway? Or if is possibility?
        Is like when they say – if tomorrow was your last day? How would you do today?
        Yeah just a very hard situation. ☹️

        1. I am not much aware of politics in USA, but Donald Trump can’t be the right person for anything. He is a tiny bully & the perfect example of a “man without morals”. Hope everything goes smooth from here after your new president takes over office. Sorry to say, we people who live outside USA laugh at Donald Trump & his supporters looking at current political scenario in your country (Thanks to late night talk shows).🤣

          1. Oh yes I am aware … lived through all that bullcrap!! In the thick of it 🤨😝👎

            Dude!! And right now our cases are just sky rocketing and all he can talk about is how he was cheated – what bullshit

            So this is a scenario where you get a glimpse of how a cult operates.

            I do not understand his supporters at all- how are they so blind?

            Oh it’s just a big shit show over here with everything 🤨

            Biden & team are doing amazing so far ❤️❤️❤️ I already love him!!

            Is like fresh air!!!

            Well that was a year now, wasn’t it? Lol ✌️😘

            1. COVID cases are rising crazy in your country. Let’s expect everything improves from here. Stay safe. Hope you are having a great weekend and spending some quality time with family.🤗👍

              1. Yes it’s been crazy over here lately. I hope it does get better quickly!! 🙏
                Having good weekend 🙂 am with daughter ❤️
                Stay safe and have a good weekend also. ✌️

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