True me.. Tap-491..

When somebody talks about my EGO or arrogance without meeting me in person, I can come to only one conclusion that “this person has a poor sense of understanding people”. I am not some celebrity or politician who can be mean for no reason. The best quality about me is “I love being random”. If you are one of my close buddies, one thing you know about my mindset is “I love money but I hate the fame associated to it”. Goal of my life is to make money & stay random. Only thing you can judge about me over internet is my race or my opinions, beyond that rest is your presumptions which is nothing but pure bullshit.

Very few understand your behaviour begins with your ability to accept, accept new information, accepting people & accepting yourself for what you are. We live in a world where people counter others with baseless crap lacking enough juice to back their words. It’s nothing but result of a lazy unenthusiastic mindset. If you are reading this please don’t mind being appreciative to others no matter what goes right or wrong. Being nice costs nothing. And a smile or goodwill you earn in return is priceless. Life is fun, let it be.

Tap OUT..🤗👊

15 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-491..

    1. Wishes are always welcome with wide open arms. Thank you again Karima. Most posts in my blog are result of the kinda people i encounter. I hope my blog posts keep you entertained next 2-300 years.🤗🤗

  1. Your Tap 491 is full of many thoughts..and you are right,only people who know you, really know who you are. Some might think they know you, because of what you say…that is not always the perfect barometer. Your last thought I nodded to,”Being nice costs nothing” It can only be a
    Kindness feels good, giving it and also receiving.

    1. A ton of thanks for your warm beautiful words, appreciation appreciated Karima.🤗 I second your every single word. Friends are there to help us navigate through life easily. Being nice to anyone is a wonderful feeling. I just saw your email. Pardon for this huge delay in replying. I am planning to start a restaurant after this lockdown eases little bit, fully occupied by that work now a days. Hope you are doing amazing.👍