True me.. Tap-478..

Asked one of my friend whether she is excited about the vote/poll results & what’s her opinion about current situation of USA!?! Her response made me reschedule today’s post to some other day & write this one instead.

Her reply was: “I voted for the first time because I can’t stand that orange piece of shit. How can a creep take over the role of PRESIDENT!?! USA is a long rant right now. Not because of Trump, I don’t give a shit what he says. My problem is his supporters. People are ok with that full time lier & part time womanizer, which means all his supporters also support the way that jerk thinks. Situation here is sad.”

Trevor Noah’s daily show tweets are as entertaining as his daily show, can say the same for his stand-up shows.😜

Yes this post is related to US elections. Still no matter from where you are reading this, I have something to share with you on politics. Most of the time politicians start barking about NATIONALISM or RELIGION when they fail to keep their promises on DEVELOPMENT. The only quality you should look forward in a politician is his/her character & integrity. Now I hope you have the answer whom to vote for.

(People reading it from USA please don’t take it personally. I have cousins & friends who live in your country since they were in their mum’s tummy/dad’s dong. Leaving this political mess & a dash of racism/inequality aside, I LOVE DISNEYLAND.)

Tap OUT..🤗

13 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-478..

    1. We too have a prime minister with crazy hair, but his head it working perfect. Donald Trump is something who’s character & morals are just not in place. I never saw another pathological liar like him & yet 40-45% people in USA voted for him. Now we know why the oldest democracy with biggest economy ranks 24th in world’s happiest countries. It’s true money can’t buy happiness, but with USA money can’t buy class or morals as well.🤣

      I love Canada with such matters, It’s at least a million times better stable cultural and vibrant society in terms of diversity & growth. My dream is to retire before turning 30 & build a house near montreal-Ottawa Highway soon to start my journey towards that. I have ton of friends & indian bros in canada. Appreciated Anne.👊

    1. All I can say is; we too have a prime minister with crazy hair, but he isn’t a pathological liar like Donald Trump. I think it’s just a person’s character & moral flaw which can’t be fixed. Appreciated my friend.👊

  1. I am sick at heart that many American’s are willing to give away their freedom! There is a ray of hope that we may turn the corner but it will be an uphill climb to bring us back to America I remember. I am planning my life not depending on who occupies the White House but on what I do.

    1. Politics is messy at every corner of this world. But nobody is such a pathological lier as Donald Trump, that’s just a flaw in a person’s character & morals which can’t be fixed. Appreciated my friend.👊🤗

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