True me.. Tap-477..

I have travelled to Prague, Brussels, Vienna, Helsinki, Paris, Athens, Dublin, Oslo, Warsaw, Krakow, Rome, Budapest, Lisbon, Debrecen, Vatican City, Kiev, Cologne & last one Berlin because of my doctorate studies. Yesterday I shared one of my old snapchat memories outta fun & each time I travelled to any of these European cities my stories had one line in common “My favourite European city I have visited so far”. And yes there are some cities I have travelled 5-6 times. I fully agree that’s the one line I paste on every snap.

Since then my bestie has started taunting me about “Why am I so lazy to post a story without mentioning anything!!?” This bitch has literally started trespassing my privacy & property both since a while. Now few fuckers from university group also got a new topic to discuss about TAP whole day. I know there is not much to do outside because of corona virus situation, still this is not the right way to spend time. Try discussing about those days when I faked death on April fool’s day with the help of Ivan’s motorcycle, summer sausage & some ketchup. That story has more fun baked in & can be made into a 3 season Netflix series anyday if anyone can make a good script out of it.

Now about the accusation/taunt by Demi. When I travel to any place out of my city, it’s either for work (paid trip by employer/client) or I must have travelled with a gang of 15-16 friends. The fuck I got time to spend in snapchat & write few lines about that trip, not a fan of using phone for longer period of time anyways. I spend most free time in gym/pool/barbeque with friends or with my iPad because I got all OTT subscriptions free after activating new postpaid plan with international roaming. I am not enthusiastic about cities, every big city feels the same & I am not a fan of these concrete jungles. My parents still live in a town where nearest airport is at 6-7 hour drive away, though the mountainous roads are soothing & it’s always worth it to take a trip. Last time I visited home was in 18-January-2019. No matter where I stay, I am still a 76 kilo 184cm tall huge athletic active raw happening kid who loves climbing mountains, horse riding, gym, calisthenics, beaches, river rafting & hunting wild boars in jungle at night. Not a country guy but I love the vibe of being surrounded/supported by nature. Hopefully I am little happening than usual crowd & I love the way I am.

Tap OUT..💪