True me.. Tap-460..

LIARS lie everyone a different lie. LIARS look for pleas & discounts with everything they do. The only thing that’s consistent about a LIAR is their INCONSISTENCY. That’s why LIARS can’t love & even if they do, you can’t trust them. And I catch lies, I am arrogant about it & I don’t lie.

You don’t need a right person to be in a relationship. First you need to be the right person, who can be trusted while remaining TRUTHFUL & CONSISTENT towards yourself.

Tap OUT..🖐️

2 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-460..

  1. I don’t have to lie anymore. I lied to myself most of my life. I found out people don’t like it when I’m strong. They feel angry at me and I know that’s not MY issue because im a good human. This is the best thing I think I’ve read from you regarding hardcore relating. People are afraid of a lot of things that they can’t find within themselves. I am STILL afraid of some things. Telling the truth isn’t one of them.
    Thank you for your inspiration good sir.
    💯 🤜🤛🙂

    1. People will be people. All I want to say is “Remaining truthful is so easy and crucial”. I am happy that you are away from lies. We must block unnecessary loose people from our life. I appreciate you liked this post. Welcome my friend(Don’t know your nick name).👍🤗

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