True me.. Tap-442..

The worst IRONY OF 21ST CENTURY is: when people want to make money on internet, they start selling the idea/seminar/courses related to “HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON INTERNET”.πŸ˜‚ Some do the same in the name of STOCK MARKET, REAL ESTATE OR SOME SHITTY BOGUS APPS/SERVICES. I have a huge hate towards these fraudsters disguised as mentors/internet gurus. Seriously!!! I mean, what’s in that stupid head while planning such niche. Let me answer: “Let’s get in while the going is good. Right??” This blog is active since past 4+ years. There is one thing I never talked about is “HOW TO MAKE MONEY!”. That’s the only topic I hate to talk/read/see.

Your body hair, ego, goals & happiness; all are your responsibility. First find your purpose which will help you set goals. Life is not what you live on weekends, stay disciplined whole week. Goals require forward planning & execution, same applicable for your health. Your view, opinion, obligation, enthusiasm, intrest & attitude towards life are not same as mine. Your name isn’t TAP. What worked for me will never work for you. Learn to serve some respect to your identity.

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12 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-442..

  1. Hey Tap, finally someone said what I feel about all the “How I made a million, and I can show you how for only $$$$.” I usually scroll all the way to the bottom and when I find the price for this amazing foolproof system, I click off. This is not to say never try to learn how to do something, but there is a ton of free information and sometimes you just have to learn by making mistakes.

    1. We all learn from mistakes. The way I think is, I will never share If it’s giving me a million dollars time after time. If it’s true let bill gates or Elon Musk write a post or organize a seminar on how to make money. Real rich people care about their own wealth & growth, all other such fraudsters try shaddy ways to sell stupid things by organizing seminars & selling courses.

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