True me.. Tap-441..

Two people want each other. True. Vibe. Grow. Stick together. A relationship must be as simple and easy as that. Just cut & exit when anything else beyond/below that comes to play, that’s nothing but pure mindfuckery.

I love being single because “I DON’T LIKE/WANT OBLIGATION”, the same reason I don’t like debt or mortgages. My approach to life remains the same no matter where I am dealing with whatsoever kinda situation. And YES, I do believe in a truthful togetherness.

Tap OUT..πŸ‘

21 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-441..

  1. Single or not single. Everyone is different and having a long term relationship is not for everyone. Having children is not for everyone. You know yourself and you are making a well thought out choice for this time in your life.