True me.. Tap-440..

Time decides who you meet in life. Your heart decides who you want in life. And your behaviour decides who stays in your life.
– Buddha

In my case I am married to my bank account & we share an amazing togetherness. Next I want my boss TAP to stop being so bossy & let me retire within next 2-3 years, so that I can woo & hook up with a sassy bitch/boo/angel for next 2-300 years. Yeah I want 80-90 babies as well. ZK.😜

Demi challenged me in CMU group to share two pick-up lines close to my heart. (Those who don’t know, Demi is my bestie since past 250 years). Btw who stores pick-up lines in heart!! These two are in my head though:
1. Your breath smells amazing, gimme some.
(Used by Demi on me during prom. And thanks to almighty, never dated this half blonde dumb bitch.😝)
2. Not sure whether it’s your smile or booty, 2 out of 4 cheeks are definitely working.
(That’s my favourite pick-up line. Always works on latinas, pardon me for going little racial. Not sure how many times I have misused this one).

Tap OUT..πŸ€ͺ

123 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-440..

                1. Too much of anything is bad. I am in love with cheesecake since past 20 years I think. And whenever I have extra slice of cheesecake during weekdays, I punish myself with 200 push-ups. Poor Tap.πŸ˜‚

                    1. I have to punish myself like that. Can’t miss my 5pack abs in exchange of few cheesecake slices.🀣 I am trying to stay fit and keep it fun meanwhile. Do you believe in cheat days?

                    2. 5 pack abs? And here I thought you said you weren’t a gym freak 😜 I think it depends, if you have no plans then you have no excuse but if you’re genuinely busy, then it’s fine to have a cheat day as long as you work twice as hard the next day to make it up. The main point that I’m trying to make here is about real commitment and not being dishonest to yourself 😊

                    3. Haha so modest 😜 you cant have had at abs so young, I’m pretty sure the gym trend wasn’t there at that point! That’s okay you can’t always eat healthy, there’s no fun in that, taking a break is fine as long as you take yourself seriously. Nice abs too btw πŸ‘

                    4. Abs were there but I wasn’t this huge. Still wearing the same 31size jeans, M size t-shirt & 10.5 UK size sneakers since 14+ years. Only change is facial hair that I always trim to zero or one level. I end up getting myself indulged into cheesecake real easy, a real fool in that part.😜

                    5. But how did you have abs from such a young age? They don’t form naturally except in extreme cases. Which leads me to think that you were into your gym from the get-go. I have U.K. size 7 feet hahah πŸ˜‚ I don’t get men’s clothing sizes, but I’m a size 8 in women’s clothing. Are you about that beard fade life? Oh dear, you may have mentioned this obsession with cheesecake a few times πŸ˜‚

                    6. I was/am more into surfing & skateboarding. Boxing & gym joined my interest little late. I don’t like to keep beard, not a fan of facial or body hair.🀣 Poor Tap, my addiction/intrest with cheesecake is predictable af.

                    7. My sister is quite into skateboarding, it looks pretty cool 😎 Ngl beards are a real turn on for me…but it depends on the person, not everyone suits a beard. I think you should pay me Β£1 and take a shot everytime you say the word β€˜cheesecake’ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

                    8. Ha Ha. Beard can look good. I too rock it once in a while but not too big. Most men have it hide face fat. I got a perfect jawline, no reason to hide it under beard. Still I always have little facial hair because I never shave them, I trim them to size-1. Shot & πŸ’· for cheesecake, let’s do it.πŸ˜œπŸ‘ &

                    9. Yeah, it’s important to maintain a certain beard thickness. I hate scruffy beards, but love a neat, well kept beard with perfectly constructed lines and a fade πŸ˜‚ Sometimes I wonder how a person looks underneath the beard…I feel it does hide a lot.

                    10. Beard, a complicated topic & taking care of it is like an art. Most men just let it loose, you can spot a the difference with that. I feel personal hygiene is a major turn on, someway beard is a good differentiator on that topic.

                    11. Yeah, men really aren’t exaggerating when they talk about taking care of their beards, it’s a process πŸ˜‚ but worth it in the end, if it’s done in the right way. Of course, it’s hard to be attracted to a person with poor hygiene 🀒

                    12. My eating habits are like a saint surviving on vegetables & fruits from 12am Monday to 12am Saturday. Full points to Tap on that.😜

                    13. It’s a great retirement goal. That or you own two places, one in the city and the other can be a seaside escape and you can go there every weekend 😌

                    14. If it’s a beach, why just weekend!! I really want to stay in a spacious beach hut for a while. While I mean, like 3-400 years will be enough.🀣🀣

                    15. Cause it’s like a weekend getaway, but every weekend! I reckon every type of setting gets boring after a while, so it’s good to mix the two up 😜

                    16. I can never get bored of a nice beach, I enjoy surfing a lot. If I stay near a beach, I might starting fishing after buying a boat.πŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺ

                    17. Yacht is bit too much & it guzzles money like crazy. Even parking & maintenance near a port may cost 10-12 grands a month. A big boat makes sense, I will definitely get one.😜

                    18. That’s true, and yes please buy one I wanna go to a boat party πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
                      Big boat like the titanic, but hopefully we don’t all die 😝

                    19. He He. Titanic was a ship Han. I will get a 6 seater boat with a bedroom underneath.😝 And nothing can be more happening compared to Tap in a beach.

                    20. Is that an Italian place? Circolo Popolare looks like such an amazing place with its interiors, I need to try that out once it’s safe to go out again. 😍

                    21. Yes Han, It’s an Italian pasta place. You must try it. I heard there is a second lockdown. Stay safe little girl.😜

                    22. I saw it all in news. Few people were arrested who organised a rally to name “corona virus is a propaganda of rich people”. I think we have the highest number of uneducated crackhead morons in our country. First this 5G bullshit, now this corona virus misinformation. I think government should work towards putting those dumbfucks in a mental asylum rather than dumping them in jail.

                    23. Agreed, far too many noobs out there. And the government isn’t helping with all of the mixed messages: first masks are seen to be scientifically ineffective and now they expect us all to wear them everywhere πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ And then they had an unsuccessful lockdown and ruined the economy…had they have taken early action in Jan/Feb where tourism and hospitality are least effected, and did a proper strict lockdown we wouldn’t all be here in October unemployed and full of disease πŸ˜‚

                    24. Nobody was prepared for it. Something like this corona virus is happening for the first time in entire history of mankind. Government also took decisions like slingshots to save more lives. We can’t blame entirely on them, they are also people taking calls to take care of other people. Economy is always under a mess if you see previous 10-12 years, since 2008-09 to be exact. There is a 20% shrink in GDP I know. It will take time for recovery.

                    25. True, aside from the economy the government must think about people’s physical and mental health too. Prolonging lockdown isn’t helping. If they had done the lockdown right in the first place, we could be more like New Zealand (provided we kept international borders shut)

                    26. Yeah. Boris Johnson was hugging & shaking hands during those early days.😑 Politics is turned out to be a mockumentary bs, this corona virus just unfolded how badly few dumbfucks are ruling this world.

                    27. I don’t think he cared or took the virus seriously. He was out breaking his own rules and each time he got caught out by the paparazzi πŸ™„ Conveniently, he tweaks the rules when it suits him, for example he loosened them around his birthday and plans to do the same for Christmas.

                    28. Politicians are pure dickheads. Now Boris Johnson wants to quit being prime minister because 150k salary is not enough for him. I don’t know what to answer on that. He never fails to set wrong examples.

                    29. Exactly, he’s literally getting to do a bad job and fuck shit up. While people are continually losing jobs and struggling to survive, politicians are getting bonuses for such an awful job, it’s not justified.

                    30. I will be happy if he really resigns. There are better people to replace him. But still all such grandpa politicians must fuck off before something better can happen.

                    31. That’s what you think, haha. Fiery eyes won’t get you to the same places as cute eyes does πŸ‘€ it’s how I get bar service πŸ˜‚

                    32. No matter which city I go, there is always a friend who owns a bar, club or a restaurant. I go to bars now too. But we talk more about which stocks went up or low & whether commodity investments are safe!! Not as fun as it used to be during high school & college days.

                    33. It’s great, you must always be getting free drinks! I had so many bartender friends at uni but now they all have proper jobs so I don’t get free drinks and fast service anymore πŸ™„πŸ˜©

                    34. I understand it. Few of my friends were part-time bartenders in high school & college days, but now they are into MNC jobs. I still get free drinks & club access because of few owners are my friends now.😜

                    35. London, Cardiff, Bangalore, Moscow, Berlin & Ottawa, these are the places I can’t remember paying for clubs or bars. I have few friends who own a chain of bars in North Carolina, Atlanta & Indianapolis, haven’t visited them since long.

                    36. It’s mutual I think. We talk a lot about money & investment. Day trading is something everyone wants to learn from me, only Ivan is my pro student among all.πŸ˜‚

                    37. Hahah I was teasing cause you’re olddddd πŸ˜›πŸ˜› The way things are going these days, many companies have stopped the pension scheme

                    38. Good call, best to keep all money related things away from the U.K. where 80% of it will be taxed. In fact I reckon that now that the national debt has increased, pensioners will lose many benefits such as free travel over a certain age.

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