True me.. Tap-427..

I live a life where there is no space for “SECOND CHANCES”, never got one, never wanted one & can’t give one.

Live a life with ample amount of self-respect. Negative people always keep returning with dirt in head & heart to walk over your sanity. Learn how to say straightforward “NO”. The one who can break something beautiful can never fix it. Even if they do, nobody can trust them. My attitude with life is something where i get over things/people pretty quick. It matters nothing if it’s not impacting my family or money. And yeah some friends are included in my family. Good vibes are scored around truthful people & the sexiest thing about them is their HONESTY.

Life is simple and fun, let it be.
Tap OUT..😘

11 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-427..

  1. Saying β€˜no’ is one of the best things that a person can learn to do. I used to say β€˜yes’ to please everyone, even when it meant compromising on my own happiness and now life is more fulfilling when I put my own happiness first

    1. You are allowed to be selfish towards own happiness. If it’s not making us happy, it’s not meant for us. I am delighted that you are putting own happiness first.πŸ€— We all learn with time.

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