If we aren’t talking at least once in a week, your LOVE or HATE matters nothing to me. I will keep living the banter life.

(I am seeing backbiting has become a real good timepass for few in this pandemic/lockdown situation. Those who talk behind are BEHIND for a reason.)

2 thoughts on “Tru2Day527

  1. I was going to ask what backbiting was – but I googled first lol…
    Eh… I don’t listen to that very well … and I observe others and see who they are
    If they do that, I know to use caution … is like a warning sign lol instead of marked on their forehead – it comes out of their mouth 😘
    People will always be people – just find the right ones … the beautiful ones will have a beautiful heart and soul and you won’t find that backbiting ❤️

    1. I agree with everything you mentioned. We all must choose the right people/purpose to vibe some goodness. Those who are habituated to backbiting will do the same either ways, it’s not just limited to one person or community in their eyes. Have a great day.🤗