True me.. Tap-424..

I work as a data analytics professional & I also run a tiny health supplement business where i sell some athleisure clothing as well under my brand name in few e-commerce sites, because of my business I come in touch with different types of people from different regions/backgrounds. To be honest most people are not good with their ego & self-respect, people fail to understand the difference between both because of their insecurities. Sometimes it goes even more weird because there is MONEY involved. This is the story of other side where I feel other side is cringey or clingy just to get a bargain in a bulk order.

Story of my side is “The businessman part of me is nasty”, please don’t expect a gentle/sweet response if you are talking to me in between 11am-3pm. I just talk logic & numbers in that timeframe. A strong competitive mindset that I can’t leave aside which portrays my image as an angry stubborn rude TAP. The worst part is, I do this with a healthy happy funny mood. I still don’t know how/why my voice sounds so deep/grumpy during that specific time. Learning to be more calm & composed with time. I wish everyday not to hurt anyone with my words, but this happens once in a while. I still make things right before hitting bed. I can’t fall asleep with a thought of hurting someone.

Lesson for me today: There is no place for ARROGANCE & IGNORANCE in business. RESPECT THAT RESPECT YOU GET FROM OTHERS.

Tap OUT..💪

8 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-424..

  1. I have been trained from a young age to bargin and It is really fun for me. Traveling to another country it is expected barganing will happen. One time i couldnt sway this woman’s stance for like 20 min.. I walked away and came back several times. Finally, at the end of the day, she said “ok”. I paid her the exact amount as she asked for in the begining and she looked at me and I said “that was fun”. We had a good laugh. We do need to keep our bounderies for sure Tap and yet we never know what the other person is thinking. Cleaning up messes and changing our state of mind is always a good idea like you do before bed. Good post.

    1. Thank for sharing your experience Cindy.👍 In clothing brands, we deal with big corporates & shopping malls. They have managers who make the pitch. Clothes you buy from shopping malls or retail stores have a supply to sale purchase agreement. Stores buy from us in bulk at a 27% to 42% price of the max retail price tag. Some of these managers disturb us with unrealistic price propositions just to get 2-3hundred dollar commission, and that’s a big turn off. Bargaining in farmer’s market or asian country street shops is a whole different story. I am happy that you got what you wanted for your price. Thanks again for understanding my part, I am learning to be a better human everyday. Your blog posts & comments both are always appreciated.🤗

      1. Oh it’s totally different and I totally get it!!!
        You have to keep your integrity and get what you need mose definitely. I mean we all need to make money and have a bottom line. We all are learning to do better everyday and I’m glad you enjoy my posts and comments. I was actually in Mexico and after I bargained gave her what she wanted in the first place. That was fun!!!! ❤️ Good day to you Tap!!!

        1. Wow. I have done a long road trip in all south american countries, but I am yet to visit Mexico on a real trip. Hope you enjoyed your trip. In my business, it’s fun when we encounter mature people to talk money. I am understanding a lot about life in this process. Have a good one.🤗

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