True me.. Tap-358..

Feelings come with consequences. When someone doesn’t measure up your standards, hold your head up high & move forward with what you got. Here measurement should be values & experiences. You don’t need a validation in any company. Have clear intentions & have courage to communicate them. That’s how you build yourself to be a stable true human being. No games.

Tap OUT..😘

10 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-358..

  1. This is a tough one though. I am hard on myself, and as I get to know friends better an better, I see their flaws. So my quest is to give grace to them for not measuring up to my unrealistic expectations. Giving grace to myself and to others go hand in hand.

    1. No issues with grace until someone starts misusing it and later we find out that became a toxic mess. I understand your point. Expectations do hurt though. Sometimes we fail in our own eyes, forget others.

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